Friday, August 27, 2010

Who are all these people?

So I have had an interesting week and a sort of boring week. Mum and Papa have been very busy and G-MA was MIA for most of wednesday and thursday.
Papa took the moving machine...he calls it a car .... to football practice Wednesday and Thursday, so Mum and I went for a walk in the neighborhood and played catch on the green space down the street. It was nice have some time with just me and Mum.
G-Ma came home on wednesday with 4 new friends .... They smelled funny ... Kind of like the ocean but different ... Mum says its the Bay of Fundy. We have never had so many people in our house at one time.
Two of the new friends came back again last night but didn't stay long. They were just bringing G-Ma back home.... She must have been lost.
Today Papa and I picked up Mum from her last day of work. She is gonna start a new job in a few weeks. We left her work and went straight to the vet's office. It was the friendly lady vet, and I didn't even have to go inside, she came outside to see me!!! That's how special I am.
I had a nap on the way home. It's the first night in a while that Mum and Papa are both home. I need to be well rested, if they think they are getting out of my sight tonight I have news for them!
Snorts & Toots!

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