Sunday, February 27, 2011

The attack of the snowfluffies!

Holy Moley Guys! We got so much snow last night!

Come on, let's go explore!

The snow fluffies I told you about yesterday continued through the night, and we got one of, if not the biggest dumpings of snow my Mum has seen since moving to BC!

We were surprised when we opened the door this morning and saw that about 8 inches had fallen. This is ALOT! of snow in our neck of the woods. There were some places that were up to my belly.... Brrrr.

Mum teased me with magic snow balls. She would throw them and then they disappeared as soon as they hit the ground.
Our street covered in snow ... it's never this quiet!

Snow is so much fun! But I think I need my sweater next time .... my belly was super duper cold!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snow Fluffies

Hi furends!
It has been a cold week here in British Columbia....we even had snow! Mum thinks the flowers that were starting to bloom last week are probably dead.
The water  at the park was very "refreshing" today!

We went to the dog park today and I got to play in the snow fluffies. I met a boxer named Ava, and we played together for a while. It was super fun! She was only 5 and a half months old, but already tall enough to jump right over top of me!

I also received more awards this week! My friends Oscar over at Oscar the Pooch and Roo from Roo's Doins gave me the Stylish Blogger Award. Thank you Oscar and Roo!!!

Roo has also given me the very prestigious Doggie Bloggie Award. Thanks Pal!

I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself and then pass the awards on to some other bloggers....thats a problem 'cause I only follow about 15 blogs, and I just gave an award to 5 of them .... so here's the plan .... since rules were made to be broken (trust me, I know all about breaking rules!) I will accept these awards .... and pass them along later.

But I will tell you about myself...

1. I drive my Mum crazy wanting to go in and out of the house...especially when there is snow or rain for me to lick from the patio!

2. Cucumber is my favorite treat Mmmm,  the only veggie I don't like is celery.

3. My new favorite game is tug ... but Mum never lets me win.

4. I was born in California, and came to Canada when I was 16 weeks old.

5. I love to swim, but bulldogs don't swim well, so I wear a life jacket.

6. When Mum can't find doggy t-shirts for me she buys kids size 5.

7. Mum has been trying for almost 3 weeks to train me to use the potty bell. I know what she wants, but choose not to ring it.

Well, its getting late. I better hit the hay. Later friends!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm blushing!

We had a wonderful surprise today! Nonno called from Toronto and said "Has Finn checked his messages today? He's got a surprise on there from his friend Winnie." Mum checked and sure enough we had a wonderful surprise from Winnie the Greyhound all the way in the UK! Winnie is a retired racing greyhound who now lives with her forever family, and she was so kind to give me the "Awesome Blog" award!

By accepting this award I have to tell you a few things about myself, and recommend a few new blogs for you to check out! So here goes.....

1. I hate to roll on my back!

2. I put myself to bed every night by 9:30.

3. My favorite toy is my blue bone from Planet Dog (they have the best toys!)

4. I don't mind thunder and lightening, fireworks or police sirens but I am terrified of the baby gate my Mum and Dad use to block me in the kitchen.

5. I get put in the kitchen when I'm home alone because I pull cushions off the couch, pull the blankets from my crate and have even ripped up my bed. (oops!)

And now for the best part.... I would like to pass along the "Awesome Blog" award to the following awesome dogs with blogs....

1. Chopper from According to Chopper  - Chopper is a black and tan coonhound from California who has been recently taking a scent discrimination class.

2. Angus and Milo - Angus and Milo's Adventures happen in Australia. Angus recently hurt his leg and was out of commission for a while but he is now on the mend!

3. Roo - Roo's Doins is a awesome blog about Roo's "doins" in Florida, last week he saw an alligator!

4. Benny and Lily - These two cuties spend their Doggy Days having awesome adventures and modeling for great photos! Check out their recent bird watching safari!

5. Cooper and Lola - These two are my awesome blog friends who introduced me to so many new friends, they also test doggy products and have give aways!

and one more

6. Corbin - This big guy is a rescued Pit Bull with lots of fur-real friends and his blog Oh Corbin keeps us up to date on his adventures and play dates.

I hope you enjoy reading all about my blog friends, and have a wonderful week!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Mum took some very cute pictures of me yesterday. She has been trying to get the elusive face lick picture.

Look how long my tongue is.... Awwwww!

Help! My tongue is attacking my face!
We went to the park this morning and I got to play with Pit Bull terriers. Their names were Mia and Tucker, they were brother and sister ( litter mates) they were such nice dogs. They were perfect examples of how good pit bulls can be with the right training and socialization. Mia is a sassy little girl and uses her paws like a boxer when she wants to play. Tucker was a little shy, he was a quiet guy who stayed close to his Mum and had a happy friendly sort of prance. We had so much fun playing and chasing each other.

I have been napping since we came home. Papa says tonight I am getting a special treat for dinner...wet food!... with Bison! Mmmmm..

Have a good weekend friends!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Stroll

Mum and I went for a walk today at Colonie Farm. It was a great morning. Perfect temperature, and finally NO RAIN!

I was on my leash most of the time, but I got to go off leash for a few minutes too.

We met two Cocker Spaniels, a Black Lab, a Corgie, two Rodesian Ridge Backs, a Golden Retriever and a Chocolate Lab. We also saw a partridge, a Great Blue Heron, and two ducks!

And now I'm pooped!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valantine's Day ...blah blah blah

Ba-humbug thats what I'm saying! (oh wait that's Christmas)
A few weeks ago, I found a cute little toad. She told me if I gave her a kiss she would turn into a beautiful bulldog princess and we could live happily ever after. So I gave her a big wet sloppy one!

Instead of turning into a princess, she croaked! Right there on the spot... and that brings us to today.... when I had to go to the vet because I have Canine Papilloma Virus!!! Yup that sneaky little toad gave me warts!

I had to get up extra early..7am...on Saturday! and go to the vet to have them checked out. Luckily the doctor said  it's normal for young guys like me to get warts and likely they will go away in a few weeks and I will develop an immunity to them. I also had to get my bordatella vaccination updated so I can be ready to go to camp.

So yeah ....warts and a needle in one day!! Happy Valentine's Day .... I'm not holdin' much hope!

Happy Singles Awareness day fur-ends.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In the proverbial dog house!

So, if I had a dog house, and if I was allowed outside without supervision .... I'd be in the dog house.... For a long time!
I was kinda bored this morning, and Mum was at work and Papa was still sleeping ..... So I went through Mum's purse....she only takes her wallet to work.... And Papa thought I might have eaten a tylenol.
Papa called the vet, and they said if he's sure it was just one (it was a blister pack, so he was) that he should just keep an eye on me and I should be fine. Luckily Mum could confirm that one of the capsules was already gone. So there was no chance that I had eaten one after all. I also chewed some of the make-up cases. And the leather tag on Mum's purse.
Mum is not happy! I have been pulling things off chairs a little too often lately. The purse also just happens to be her favorite ( a leather zippered tote from Coach).
Wish me luck folks.... I've poked the bear!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My return to the park!

So I went back to the dog park today! It was my first time since my accident.
Mum has been hesitant to take me to the dog park, but I convinced her that I need it. We don't have a yard to play in and walks alone are not enough. Mum said if we are going to go the dog park we are going to have to be more careful. We went nice and early, and to a park that is not very busy, in hopes it would be empty, or at very least only have one or two dogs.
Come on Mum, throw the ball already!

I was the only dog at the park, and it was so much fun. It was super muddy, which is always fun, and I brought my ball. Mum and I played fetch for about an hour. When Mum said it was time to go I tried to run away from her .... she wasn't impressed.

I was pretty dirty when we got home and Mum said I had to have a bath. Ewww!
What ch'yu talkin' 'bout woman, I don't need no bath!

Mum bathes me with a mixture of J&J baby shampoo and a splash of iodine. My vet recommended it. The iodine is a disinfectant and is good for my skin and the baby shampoo makes me smell really good and makes my fur really soft. Even Papa commented on how good I smelled when we picked him up from work.

After all of that I needed a nap. While I was napping Mum made me a "Potty Bell". I am going to spend a couple weeks at my grandparents house in September and Mum wants to make sure I don't have any accidents. I'm a pretty quiet guy and usually just stand at the door when I need to go out. Mum says at their house no one will see me at the door so she wants to make sure they hear me.

Well peeps....and pups, I gotta go. Time for Mum and I to watch SNL and have a snuggle.