Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Treachery is afoot

Oh furiends, I was too upset to tell you about my weekend until now!

Mum and I went for a walk in Cliff Park on Sunday. Normally I would have been thrilled, but I was a bit of a terror. I was teaching her a lesson for the betrayal she committed on Saturday!

See this picture! You've never seen my tied to anything for a photo! But on Sunday it was the only way to keep me in the photo.

We went to see Dr. Z for my millionth follow up. He was generally happy with me but wants to see me again next weekend..... He is VERY thorough.

When it was all over Mum started a new conversation, one which included jewel thieves and having me mutilated. Yup, they're thinking of having the boys snipped. I couldn't believe it. Even Papa was in on it.... I mean dude! Do you not know the Bro Code!? Did she already get yours or what?

Anyway I tried not to enjoy the walk, but some moments were pretty nice.

Here's to hoping they forget to make an Appointment ;)