Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snow Day!

Oh snow glorious snow! We got dumped on last night!
I just love how this stuff crunches under my feet, almost as much as how it crunches in my mouth!

Mum and I went to the park this afternoon, and I had a ball searching for my ball! Luckily it's orange and we could see it I the snow banks! Papa took me for my walk tonight and we lost my glow in the dark chuck-it. It slipped under some crusty snow and we couldn't find it! Mum says we will go look for it tomorrow! She didn't come on our nighttime walk cause she said it was too slippy! Sound like a cop-out to me, especially from a woman whose favorite winter past time used to include watching people "hook cars". (that's when you run out behind a car on a frozen street, grab the bumper and slide down the road being towed by the car. The driver is not an accomplice, and sometimes you lose a glove - cray cray!)

Anyway, all that play has made me a tired boy! I'm gonna curl up in front of the fireplace and take a nap.

PS we haven't been so good about posting lately or even commenting, but we have been visit you all.

Big snuggles

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Post Christmas Blahs

Hey furiends,
We are in the lulls of Christmas past, yep it's that blah time of year.

Following Christmas my peeps went to las Vegas for a few days, and I went to camp. Mum's friend Miss Gen picked me up from camp on the last day and I spent the day with her til Mum and Papa could come pick me up. We had a super time together, she took me for two walks at town center park, and we played in her yard which is like 6 times bigger than our yard.

I slept like a puppy when I got home, and Mum was glad cause she was really tired too. That was New Years eve and we were all in bed by 9:30pm. 'Cause we're just that cool.

The last week has been uneventful, both my peeps were sick with a cold. Mum has spent a ridiculous amount of time on the couch. I sit with her and look cute, to make her feel better. Her bark is scarier than mine!

We have made a few trips to the park, where I got to play with my Christmas present. I got a planet dog ball on a rope. The rope helps Mum throw it extra far, and it glows, even brighter than my chuck it! It's awesome!

Well that's all for now. See you soon fur pals.