Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Return to the Homeland

Wahoo! What a week I am having!
Monday was REALLY hot so Mum took me to the river. I surprised her and ran right in and swam a big circle around her. She was sooo proud of me!
Yesterday kinda sucked.... I got a bath. I especially hate it when Mum cleans my wrinkles... Last night I swallowed some water and started to cough.
Today was very exciting. My Nanny came to visit all the way from Cape Breton Island! She came with Mum and I to my vet appointment. The vet said I looked really good. After the vet the three of us went on a little road trip. We went to the United States!!! It was my first time being back there since I came to Canada and met Mum and Papa. We didn't stay long... Mum was picking up a package! Good thing Papa is away ..... That woman already has soooooo many pairs of shoes and she won't let me chew on any of them! When we got home Mum and Nanny went out for diner and I got to stay home alone and didn't get put in the kitchen. I was a really good boy and didn't get into any trouble. It was a cool night (for a change) so Mum and I were able to go for a good walk.
Mum says Papa is coming home in two sleeps! He's been gone so long, I don't who's more excited: me or Mum.
I am so tuckered out. I better hit the hay! Tomorrow Mum has to go to work so I'll be home all day with G-Ma. I bet I can drive her nuts!

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