Friday, May 25, 2012


Well I am home!
I was very anxious to get out of there yesterday,but I was also very drowsy and slept all the way home and most of the evening.

My "procedure" went well. Turns out it wasn't my planet dog balls, or the Everlasting Fun Ball that Dr. Z was after.

I have some pills to take, and some stitches that need to come out in 10 days. I am under strict orders to rest and relax and only take short walks til the stitches come out. Oh.. And no baths! Bonus!

Thanks to all of you that sent me well wishes!
Now off to lay in the sunshine!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Call the SPCA!

Well furiends, I have decided to run away!

I don't know where I am going, but I gotta get out of here! The least of my problems is that Mum forgot my blogiversary last week. Epic fail, second year in a row!

But the worst part is.... The vet is taking all my balls tomorrow. He covered my ears when they were talking about it last week, but I still heard. I don't know why he wants them, at least I will still have all my kongs and bones.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cousin Bailey

Hey pals, I want to introduce you to someone. Miss Gen and Miss Shannon adopted a puppy! His name is Bailey! And I think we will be very good buddies.

We had a play date last Sunday and we both needed a nap afterwards. We brought him a toy to welcome him to the pack. He got him a blue Cuz, one of my favorites!

Bailey is about 3 months old, and he has some giant paws to grow into. Mum saw him again last night and said he has grown a lot already! He is a lab mix and I think he will be a very big boy.

We had some fabulous weather this weekend! I spent a lot of time on the patio! And even now that the sunshine is fading, it's still pretty comfy out here.

A few times I even snuck up on the love seat when Mum wasn't looking. But she let me stay when she found me.

Well, I think it is time to retire! Good night!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


So I had a great birthday! The pupcakes Mum made were scrumpdidliumpyius! I wolfed it down.

It was topped with one of my new treats, freeze dried liver bits! They are so yummy! But Mum smelled the bag and gagged. BOL!

And I got a flashing light to clip on my collar for our night time walks. But the best treat of my birthday was my new Wubba! I had so much fun playing with it. My Nonno called and he could barely hear my Mum talking over all the squeeking. BOL.

Well that was all my fun! Night night! Thanks for all the birthday messages.

It's My Birthday

Hello Furiends! It's my birthday today! I am now 3 years old.

Mum made me these pawsome Pumpkin Carrot Pupcakes with Peanut butter and yogurt on top, but I dont get to have one until she comes home from work. I am leaving pudles of drool all over the house!

I hear a rumor there are even be some prezzies for me! I'll let you know later what I got.