Monday, January 21, 2013

Lady Godiva

Allo allo!
We had a little excitement this week!

We were on our way to see Dr Z, and at the top of our street we saw a puppy! A chocolate lab puppy! All by herself!

Mum stopped the car and got out to check on her and she came running. We didn't recognize her, and she wasn't wearing a collar, it was cold out and there was no one around. So Mum did the only thing she could think of! She scooped her up and put her in the car.

We went home and grabbed a little collar and a leash and we all got back in the car.

By now Mum was calling her Godiva, cause she was very sweet and the color of really nice chocolate and naked when we found her. She was cold and tired and she laid down on the front seat and went to sleep. I laid down on the back seat with baby brother. She slept all the way to Dr. Z's place, about an hour.

When we got there, Mum asked them to check her for a microchip but there was no luck. They checked her over and said she was healthy and in good shape and wished us luck in finding her people. It was obvious she's been we'll taken care of and she was a very good girl.

She slept all the way home. When we got back home we took a drive around the neighborhood and asked a bunch of people if they new who her people might be. No one did. Papa was at work and he wanted Mum to take her to the SPCA, but she wasn't really into that idea. One neighbor offered to take her until her people could be found, but we decided to first take another trip through the neighborhood to see if a poster had been put up near the mail shed where people often post notices.

Just as we turned the corner we saw a lady walking a puppy who looked just like Godiva, she was looking all around and calling for someone. We stopped and asked if she was looking for a puppy, and she was. When Mum took Godiva out of the car she saw her brother and got all excited. She was home!

Turns out they had let her out in their fenced yard and they didn't realize she could fit under the fence! Luckily it all had a happy ending.

Mum was kind of sad for her though. We live in a small subdivision, and we know all the dogs or atleast where they live and we had never seen her before, even though she lives right next door to our friend Coady the German Shepard. We haven't seen her since. Coady's dad knew the people had gotten a puppy but had never actually met her. We are hoping she is getting all the exercise she needs.... And they get her a collar with some tags!

Tootles friends!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pure Athleticism

Wow what an afternoon I had! Mum and Dad (and the kid) took me down to the field. I haven't run like that in sooooo long!

When it's bright and sunny and cool like today I can't help but feel the friskies! And when I am frisky I run like a gazelle! A barrel chested, short legged, handsome mugged gazelle.

I had so much fun, and then on the way home we met a new kid on the block, a 6 month old bully named Hunter. I hope I run into again when his dad has time to let us play. This brings a total of 7 bullies in our neighborhood.

Well furiends, time for bed. I hope you all had a great day.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A new year! A new adventure!

Hello Efurrybody, well the day you all said would come has finally arrived! Baby brother has started eating real food! Or at least he thinks he has, and since he knows his role in this family he has shared it with me. Poor kid!

I know people food and this slop he's eating is not it! Where's the meat? The brussel sprouts with balsamic vinegar? The veggies? Cheese and Rice! And the poor kid is so out of the loop that when Mum gave him sweet potato today he actually barfed! She had to mix him up a bowl of "rice cereal", gross! More for me little man! More for me!

We went on a new adventure today to Pitt Lake. It was a little chilly! But it was fun. Mum greatly under estimated how cold it would be and didn't put my coat on. I retaliated by taking 4 dozen bathroom breaks! BOL.

Well time for bed! All this fresh air has tired me out.

Peace out homies!