Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Will the adventures never end?!? Mum and I went to the river again this afternoon. It was really fun...I swam....a lot! .... and of my own free will!
Mum got a hole in her inner tube, but she thinks she can fix it.
It was better than going to the beach too 'cause at the beach Mum doesn't get to swim. (She has to keep an eye on me). At the river we can swim together.
Tomorrow we might pack a picnic and have our dinner there! I wish Papa could come with us, but Mum says he's busy laying on a beach in the Mediterranean! They must have better beaches cause he doesn't come to the beach with us unless we beg. (I wonder if he bought my present yet?)
Oh and we went to the doggy day camp last night to drop off my vaccination papers. They loved me and can't wait for me to come play. Mum says maybe I'll go someday next week. She wasn't sure about it before but after talking to the owner last night she has no worries!
After the doggy camp we went next door so I could play with my people friend Lucas. He's only two and he was calling my name so Mum took me over. We played chase and he kicked a ball for me and we had a lot of fun together. I wish we had a yard like their's. Mum hosed me down so I'd stay cool and it worked like a charm. We played for about an hour and a half and I was really tired when we got home.
Well that was my day. I really need to sleep now! Later peeps.

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