Friday, August 10, 2012

It's staying!?

Well the biped puppy has arrived! As puppies go, it's kinda ugly! As people go though, he is kind of cute.... I guess!

He makes way more noise than I ever did, and he poops in the house and everyone thinks its fine.

My G-Ma has become his "Nanny" and when he's not stealing her attention he's stealing Mum's. The little prince even has his own carriage which I am expected walk nicely along side of, like some sort of trained animal!

On the upside I am getting way more attention from Papa, and my treat quotient has doubled! I get treats just for smelling the kids feet .... Have my pawrents lost their minds! I'd smell feet for free.

Mum said I could post this picture, even though you can see his face. Apparently, it's ok for my mug to be all over the interweb, but not his.

And people think I'm spoiled?