Saturday, January 29, 2011

Car Ride Adventure

Hi Ev-furry Buddies, sorry I have been AWOL all week. Mum has been too busy to help me type...sheesh!
She was working on a surprise! Turns out Mum and Papa were workin' on my best treat very own yard! Yup, I'll have my own patch of grass to pee on. But not until June, that's when we'll be moving. Mum says I will  be getting a new crate then too. She says my old plastic crate is not sitting in her new living room. The nerve! She also says there are lots of dogs in our new neighborhood and I will make lots of new friends to play with!
I don't want to get up... I'm soooo comfy!

Mum and I have been having a great Saturday. It started with a cozy sleep-in in the big bed after Papa went to work. Then we went on a car ride, I had to wear my seat belt in the car cause we were going a long way, and on the highway. I didn't know we were going to pick up my second surprise of the day! We went to meet Miss Vicky Bowes and pick up the very handsome portrait she painted of me!...with my favorite bone.

Who knew you could capture all this handsomeness in one picture!?

Miss Vicky paints all kinds of pets and she has a website too, it's called That's how Mum and Papa found her. You should check her out!!! She is also on Twitter. Mum hung the picture over my bed, and we think it looks paw-mazing!
Lookin' Good!

I was a little upset when we got home and Mum went out again without me. But I was a good boy while she was gone and was rewarded for it. Turns out Mum went hunting! She brought back food, and this very paw-some possum! It's my first stuffie.....well sort doesn't actually have stuffing..... just rope :)

Well that's all for now! Happy blog hopping friends!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finally a real walk!

Notice my pawesome new header? It was a surprise from my very cool Uncle Adam! I just love it. Thanks Adam!
Home at last!

So Mum and I finally went on a real walk tonight! It's been a while. We dropped the car at Papa's work and walked home. It was a beautiful evening, not too warm  and not too cold, and finally no rain. Cesar always says that a dog needs to walk to feel fulfilled, and also needs to use his nose, and tonight I got to do both.
We walked through a neighborhood that is quickly becoming the Korean village of Coquitlam. There were a lot of new smells! I was nose to the ground almost the whole way. Further along we passed a pizza shop.... I wanted to go in, but Mum said no. It smelled soooo delicious.
Further still  we walked past the bus station and a man walking by said "Wow, nice dog!" I felt pretty special... though I did look pretty great in my camo hoodie.
I'm so fast even the camera can't keep up!

I was pretty happy when we got home. A good long walk was just what I needed! It felt so good to lay down on my bed with my antler.

I can barely keep my eyes open anymore so g'night ev-furry-buddies ;)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blog Hop

Hi Guys, it's been kind of a quiet day, just chillin' but I wanted to join in on the blog hop! Please check out some of these great blogs...

Friday, January 21, 2011

I'd like to thank the academy!

Hey guys, I want to say a super big thank you to Cooper and Lola for the great post about me and my blog. I also want to thank all the new friends who came and left messages and clicked the follow button. You guys are awesome! Mum and I will try to visit all of you over the weekend.

So something happened this morning that got me thinking. I can't help but wonder if any of you have been able to reach a level of training you are completely happy with? Dad's only trick is knowing exactly where the treats are! And I am ok with that. He does it and does it well. Mum is the problem! I have been mostly successful in training my Mum, but there are a few things she can't seem to catch on to.
She knows the "feed me" look, the "rub my belly" nudge, and the "take me outside before I bust" snort, but she can't seem to catch on to the "leave me alone I don't want to pee in the rain" look!
This morning before she left for work Mum pushed me out the door and said "Go pee!". I stayed close to the over hang, standing on the stone walkway and watched her standing on the wet muddy grass in the rain. She looked like a nut embarrassing. I was tempted to give in. I tentatively lifted one paw and was about to place it on the grass when I stopped. I thought No! Absolutely Not! If I want this to end I need to be firm and consistent. I stepped back into the protection of the overhang and ran straight back inside to the comfort of my bed!
What is wrong with this woman that every morning she tries to make me pee in the rain!? (We live in British Calabria... I mean Columbia, so every morning isn't much of an exaggeration!) Every morning I give her the same look and she doesn't get it!
Luckily she left after that, or else she would have interrupted my whole morning nap! I was able to snuggle on my blanket next to the heater and listen to the radio all morning. Absolute bliss!
Ok, gotta go. I heard little person and her parents are coming to visit us!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Silly'll never escape me!

Hey Everybody, guess what I had for dessert tonight..... Squirrel! I started with his tail and moved on to his head. He was delicious!

Now I should probably tell you, that I'm not talking about those disgusting little critters in the back yard. Gross! Those things have diseases you know! No, my mum  made me some peanut butter treats and shaped them like squirrel! She said it was poetic justice, finally one dog would catch the elusive squirrel. She got the recipe from my new blog friends Cooper and Lola.

The recipe called for rice flour, so Mum sent Papa on a mission to the grocery store this afternoon, but he couldn't find any. She had to make some from scratch.

It turned out pretty good, but Papa and I retreated to the living room when she started pulling out the power tools!

When they were finished baking Mum and I went for a walk. We left the treats to cool while we were gone. They were all I could think about while we were out!

She put the second tray in the oven when we got home. She cut those ones in circle and then scored them with an X. She said that way she could make them smaller, I told her that wasn't necessary.. I'd make due with the giant size treats. But she said no, the small treats were enough, and to top it off I have to share with Lucy the Chihuahua. Lucy's Mom works with my Dad, and she sent some home made treats at Christmas, so Mum says it's only fair if I share too .... Mothers!

The treats were super yummy and I couldn't get enough! Notice the puddle forming on the floor!

Well thats all for tonight. I have to go give Mum the sad eyes, maybe she'll feel bad and give me some more treats!

Chow for now.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Free at last, Free at last!

Good morning mes amis!
I got my stitches out yesterday! Wahoooo! I was wearing the cone less and less, but now I am free of it! Mum says when my fur grows in you might not even see the scar because the doctor did such a pawesome job on my stitches.
I spent most of yesterday sleeping. Not so much because I was tired, but because I could finally get completely comfortable, and really start to enjoy my new bed.
The ladies at the clinic loved me (duh!), they said I had very expressive eyes like a person and they felt like they could read my mind. I then expressed a look of 'all the ladies love me, its a gift'. They swooned ;) Women love a confident man.
Papa is home from work today, I am hoping that means some quality time playing fetch! Then maybe some time chewing my rubber bone, and then a little work on my antler! It's a big day, big day! I don't know if I'll have time (for everything).

Time for breakfast, I better run. I'm gonna need my strength. The Finn Miester is back and lookin for action!
Finn Dawg Out!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm Home!

Hi friends!
I'm back! I have been MIA for the last week because I was at camp becasue Mum and Papa had to go away for a few days.  My ear is healing nicely, and I will have my stitches out on Sunday .... and then I can stop wearing this silly cone collar!

The nice people who paid my bill turned out to not be so nice and so my parents had to report the attack to the city. They have investigated and deemed the dog who attacked me to be a "vicious animal". He now has to wear a muzzle and isn't allowed at the off-leash parks anymore. I guess thats what he gets for trying to eat my ear with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

I had a super fun time at the Good Dog Ranch and Spa. They took extra good care of me. They took these pictures of me so my Mum would know I was ok. They took my collar off for a little while every day so I could play.

Ok I gotta go sniff this joint out.
Check you later alligators.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Oh the shame!

Papa got me this donut collar today, it looks really silly, but it's a little more comfortable and less scary than that plastic cone!

I have promised not to scratch at my stitches... But they don't believe me! Pshaa!

Due to an anesthetic related incident last night, I also got a new bed. (Another item from my Christmas wish list that has come true!)

I didn't sleep last night, so I have made up for it today. I have been snoring extra loud! Mum and I tried to take a nap together but she says I am the only one who got any sleep.

I am feeling pretty good, my ear doesn't bother me much. I can't see it (obviously!) but Mum and Papa say it looks really good, and should heal good as new!

Thank you to everyone who called to check on me! And to Angus - my Mum doesn't know how to reply directly to comments but thank you for your concern as well. The other dog's Mom wanted to only pay half the vet bill, but his Dad said no, they would pay for everything. His Dad was one of the men who tried to help me, he was really upset about what happened.

Well I am gonna go sleep some more! Tootles!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Victim of a Random Attack

I had a rough day today! I had to have emergency surgery to fix my ear! Some of the pictures I am gonna post are a little gross but I thought you need to see them to understand. The vet took them for my Mum and Dad just in case they needed proof of how bad my injuries were.

Mum and I went to the dog park like we often do on Sunday's. Today there was lots of dog's there and I had a great time playing with a  bouncy little husky. A couple of the other dogs were getting a little too rough, I wasn't playing with them but Mum thought it was time for us to go. I was on my leash and walking to the gate with Mum when a lady asked if she could meet me. When she went to pat me her dog attacked me. He went right through Mum's legs and knocked her right on the ground. Mum got up and held me still and put her hand right in the dogs mouth to try to get my ear free. Two men jumped on the other dog and tried to get him to release and also held him so he couldn't rip my ear off. But he would not let go!!! Not gonna lie... I was pretty scared.... he was a bull mastiff, and WAY bigger than me.  Mum said I made noises she never wants to hear again. Finally he opened to get a better grasp and I got free.

We picked up Papa at home and went to the emergency clinic. They were a little shocked at how long the slices in my ear were. But they were really nice to me, and to my pawrents. I had to be put under before they could fix me. They had to shave my ear,  part of my neck, and a spot on my leg for an IV. I had to have stitches on the top and bottom, and I have to wear the cone of shame for 14 days!

It's really hard to get comfortable with that stupid collar. Luckily for me, Mum trimmed it down for me. She's gonna see about getting me a soft collar tomorrow.

I am gonna try to sleep now. I am still a little sore and a little woozy....This must have been how Evander Holyfeld felt!
I'll post an update soon.