Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding and other stuff.

Mum woke me up at 215am! yesterday to watch the royal wedding. Are you crazy woman?!!! She put my bow tie on and we started watching ...the Corgi's weren't invited so I got a little bored and I went back to bed. Mum stayed up until 430, when Wills and Miss Kate returned to the palace. Then up again at 6 for work.

Because of getting up so early, and because our espresso machine was on the fritz Mum was very tired when she went to bed last night. She slept in this morning until 9 O'CLOCK!!! Hello!!! I need some breakfast out here!!!

After breakfast we went outside and played in the front yard for a while. It was super fun. I think Mr. Calvin needs to cut the grass though. I was pretending I was a lion on the Serengeti hunting for rare blue buffalos ... I only found their bones though.

Playing Lion hunter is hard work so I am gonna nap now. Check you later.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter Every-buddies,
We've had a busy couple days, and some great weather.

Mum and I went for a good walk Friday and it was the best day we had had so far this year. We met a pawfession phodographer who was photographing birds at the park. There were lots of birds around, and Mum took some pictures, but we are guessing he got much better shots. He has two things Mum doesn't ... and telephoto lens.... and patients!

Yesterday we went to check on the progress of our new house. I gave it a thorough inspection and I think it's coming along pretty well. It wont be long before I am sunning myself on the new front step.

The easter bunny snuck into my house last night and left without me even hearing him, which is hard to believe because I hear EVERYTHING!

He left behind a new bag of treats... they say cheese flavor but Mum and I can confirm they taste more like apple... but they're still yummy.

He also brought a handy new water bottle designed for convenient  mid walk refreshment. I can really use this since Mum doesn't let me drink from puddles.

And a new Chuck-it... well sort of a chuck-it.... apparently the easter bunny is a cheap-o and he brought me the dollar store version of the chuck-it . But it works just as good.

We brought the Chuck-it to the park this morning. I also got a chance to play with a little frenchie named Francois. He is spending the week with his grandma and I think he could totally use a chuck-it of his own. He was super duper fast and full of energy.

Nice to meet you.

Mum gave me a fancy new bow-tie for Easter, she made it herself . She got the idea from my buddy Chopper's blog. She said every English gentleman should have a bow-tie, and I needed proper attire for the up-coming nuptials of Prince William and Miss Kate. We will be getting up very early on Friday to travel through and time and space to be front row in the Abbey. How fun!


Friday, April 22, 2011

What's invisible and smells like carrots?

BUNNY FARTS! bol bol bol!

Practicing my bunny chase!

The easter bunny is coming!!! I said "Mum are you crazy? A giant bunny in our house...and you are ok with that!?" But she said he would bring me a surprise, so I said ok fine.... but he better not come too close! Sneaky bunnies... don't trust them!

That bunny is coming where?
Mum has a four day weekend for easter, and it just so happens that Papa has the same days off. I'm so excited for us to be all home together, and the weather man says it will be nice outside too.

I better go get Mum off her butt and out the door,  just in case the weather man was wrong!
Happy Easter Every-buddies.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Freedom... Doggy Style

I took Mum for a great walk this morning... I was off-leash the whole time! I had total freedom, and it was pawesome.

We went to Colonie Farm to walk along the old dike roads. The weather was perfect this morning, but Mum was disappointed we didn't see any great blue herons... just ducks and lots of robins.

Mum was really proud of me for my good behavior. I said "Duh, I'm not a baby, I'm gonna be 2 in two weeks!"

We took some time to smell the flowers.

And take in the scenery.

I think I am gonna need a nap.

They have p-mail access everywhere these days.

Friday, April 8, 2011

My new spot!

I have a new favorite spot! It's so cozy, I don't know why it's taken me so long to discover.

Oh hi, I've been waiting for you.

Lately, when Mum leaves for work, I sneak over and climb up on this love seat. I know that I will have a few hours to nap there before Papa gets out of bed.

*big stretch* ... why are you bothering me?

 I'm not supposed to be on there and that makes it even better. It also puts me at just the right height to look out the window.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Doggy Survivor

So Saturday morning while Mum and I were having a little time together we saw an ad for Survivor. I told her they should make an all dog version and I could be the first winner! Mum said, they already have survivor for dogs...its called being a stray and I wouldn't last an afternoon. (Pshhhaw! Thanks for the vote of confidence Mum!)

I told Mum to take me to the park and I would show her just how resourceful I can be .... food, water, shelter... I can do it. First I looked for shelter ..... I could hide under here!

Or in this tree trunk .......

And look, I found some water! I took a drink from the stream, and I also found a deep puddle and went for a swim! Aww ... refreshing.
The stream was deeper and cleaner than it really.

Now for food .... do you think this is edible?

Hmmm..... I like green stuff but I'm not sure about this.

 Let's find some meat....

......wait you mean I have to find it and kill it... I don't think so!!

I asked if kibble occurred naturally in the wild but Mum said no.... same goes for smoked salmon treats....well atleast the smoked part ;)

So I said "Let's get out of here!" and came home to this.....

Mum recently discovered that I am a big fan of steamed Brussel Sprouts.

Now that's a dinner fit for a survivor!