Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What a life!

If it's not obvious, that is me wrapped in a blanket napping in Mum's lap.

I had bath time last night and it was a little chilly, so Mum wrapped me to keep me warm. Papa says she is setting me up for failure... As if! Scrooge is just jealous!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Here I am!

Greetings Furiends, 

I have been an absentee blogger for too long and for this I apologize. 

See the problem is .. My Mum is lazy and won't help me! (Bad Mummy, Bad!)

Fear not though, we have been working on a yearend letter we will share with you soon. 

Hope you are all staying warm! Snuggles.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Friskies... I've got 'em

No, not the cat treats, gross.... No offense Max! .... I mean I got the cold crispy winter air friskies!

My friskies are so bad I'm drivin' Mum nuts in the middle of the night! She gets up around 4AM because she can hear me wanderin' around the house. But then she doesn't want to play with me! I mean, come on!

She has takin' me to the park for a walk in the woods on Saturday and to play in the field on Sunday. And back twice this week .... on top of walks every day... sometimes two! But she can't wear me out! I got the FRISKIES!

Now, I know this picture  may make you think she finally did it, she finally wore me out ... But nope! I was just recharging.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving... Again?

This is me on my morning assessment of the neighborhood. I don't usually leave the step on my first trip out. I am happy to report everything was just as I left it.
Anyway, on this lovely BC morning I'd like to say Happy Thanksgiving to my American furiends!

Hope you all get some roast bird!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What was that?

It is 6am and we are up.... I mean wide awake!
We lost power last night around 130am, it came on around 530am! When it came on our fancy shmancy security alarm made the most god-awful scream. I rose from my bed to see what was the matter, but Mum near fell out of hers she got such a fright! BOL!

This was all good though it meant she was out of bed an hour early, so I got my breakfast early! And Mum got to eat breakfast with me instead of in the car!

Speaking of cars! I am featured today on my friend Bailey's blog, she did a post on Dog's in Cars. Go check it out!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bulldogs Rule

I got a present in the mail this week! My very own Georgia jersey. Just in time for their win.

As you can tell, Mum ordered it ..... It's 85 .... I'm much more of a 56.

We had some of that white stuff too! I love snow, it tastes so so good, and so crunchy. It's also really fun to play in. Normally it melts as it hit the ground, but this time it stuck around and it's been a really cold week here.

We went to see Dr. Z today.... Again.....he said my back looks good as new. We just have to wait for my furs to grow back.

Ok, gotta go. I have to go snuggle in my blankets .... Brrrrrr!

Monday, November 14, 2011

In the dog house..err crate

I'm in trouble! I went a little cray cray on my walk, trying to get at my glow ball in the chuck it. Mum just didn't understand. She dropped the chuck in front of the neighbors house and left it there!! Are you kiddin' me? Someone could have stolen my chuck it Mum! She made me walk around the block and I didn't get to play at the park. What a kill joy! I thought I would come home and tell you guys about it, since its been a week since I posted.

We had a long weekend because of Remembrance Day on Friday. We were going to go to the ceremonies at the park in town, but it was raining and windy and cold. So Mum and Dad and I just stayed home, we watched the ceremonies on TV. In the afternoon, Papa and I took a nap together.

We went to see Dr. Z on Saturday, and he said my back is lookin' much better! He gave me another shot, but said by next Saturday.... when we go for another follow-up,  I should be as good as new.

  On Sunday our friend Michelle came to visit. Mum has been wanting to take me to a new park for a while, we always saw people walking there but never knew where to park the car. Luckily Miss Michelle knows all the cool places in town and gave us directions. It was a great new place to walk, and we saw Llamas!

Mum's been on the look out for a new bed but nothing yet. I finally gave in and started sleeping in my crate. It was surprisingly comfy.

Well gotta go, I have to go be cute and redeem myself.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Super Saturday Suprise Adventure

Ok so my post title may have over-sold it a bit.... but if your havin' skin problems I feel bad for ya son, I got 99 problems but my costco bed ain't one.... at least not anymore!

 Today turned out to be a pretty good day, even if it had its low points. I had my doubts in the beginning .... my day started with a bath! After my bath, we got in the car, and headed to the vet. I've been having some skin problems over the last couple weeks, and was losing  A LOT of fur.

Yes that's Llama, never know what you'll see at Dr. Z's

Dr. Z checked me out and said I have a skin irritation with a secondary staph infection. Ick! He gave me an antibiotic shot, and told my Mum to give me a bath every week. He said to alternate between medicated vet shampoo and Nizoral! All of this by lunch time! It wasn't looking good.

Dr. Z told my Mum all she can really do to prevent this problem is to keep doing what shes doing, watch my diet, no grains, weekly baths with medicated shampoo, and then he said "Does he have a costco bed?" Eureka! I do have a costco bed! Dr. Z said to get rid of it ASAP! He told us that the cedar chips mixed in the polyfill can irritate my skin. He told us he has seen a few dogs with this problem, as well as respiratory problems all linked to the beds. Yikes!

On the way home Mum surprised me by stopping at the park for a walk in the woods. This was the highlight of the day! We haven't gone for a walk in the woods in WAY TOO LONG! It was a beautiful day, and we met lots of people and dogs, and we watched people feed the birds out of there hands! All the people said, "Oh my god, look at the bulldog, he's so cute." And I thought, umm why have we not been coming here more often!? We also met one beautiful girl named Izzy! She is a Swiss Mountain Dog, with the pretties markings! And she was so tall.

When we got home Mum chucked the bed. She thought it seemed like a good chance to go to HomeSense and get me a new fancy bed without Cedar. Unfortunately she couldn't find one that was right for me. This one was too small, this one was too soft, none were just right. I will be sleeping in my crate for a while, I just have to get the blankets right.

For dinner Mum had a special treat for me.... Pumpkin! She cooked up our Jack-O-Lantern and now we have pure pumpkin goodness to mix in my kibble. Yummers! The rest of it is in the freezer for later.

After dinner, we went to the park and played fetch for a while before coming home and having a snuggle til Papa got home from work. What started out as a rough morning ended in an almost perfect day.

Now if you excuse me, I have some blankets to fluff.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oh the horror!

Bloody Hell!
What was all that last night?! Mum and I went for a walk around the neighborhood and you wouldn't believe the things I saw! Witches, Princesses, Super Heros, a two legged Puppy! I didn't know what to do, sniff them or run home? Lick them or pee on their shoes!?
I was unceremoniously accosted by a two foot tall monkey! Unruly beast ran at me and grabbed my nose! I recoiled in horror as it next made a move to pounce on me. "WTF is that!" I cried! (I can say that cause Mum doesn't know its a swear) Mum said "Its okay Finny". It's okay? It belongs in a Zoo woman!
No wonder I was put in my crate when the door bell started ringing. It was the only safe place.

Hope you all stayed safe! Did the gates of hell open up and let unholy creatures roam your neighborhood too?

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Hallo-wiener!

It's Halloween furiends! I am so excited to see all the little trick or treaters. I wanted to go trick or treating but Mum says that's only for dogs with little people, and we don't have any of those. I think that's a stupid rule.... I like treats too ya know!

Mum was gonna dress me like a mini-lion, but she procrastinated to long on making a mane. FAIL! Then she thought about dressing my like a pumpkin, she finally decided to dress a pumpkin like me .... Isn't it cool!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Come on Mum! Chuck it!

Dudes! You will not believe the coolness that is my new ball!!! Holy dog piles its the coolest thing ever!

I took my peeps to the park last night and got to play with my new ball for the first time. It fits perfect with my chuck it, and it is so bright that you can see it fly across the field like a little green spaceship!

I was a little freaked out by it at first, but once I pawed at it and saw it felt like a normal rubber ball I was all over it like white on rice.

I was so excited we had to go back to the park at the end of my walk! I can't wait to play with it again tonight!

If your pawrents have those job things, and are lazy asses who don't take you out until after dark, tell them they NEED to buy you this!

Peace out!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Are you ready for some football? (I mean that literally)

Hey Pals, I met a new friend this week. His name is Cody. He's a giant German Shepard, I walked right underneath him! We met at the park and we played while our Dad's talked shop....they're both PoPo. He has a new little sister too, hopefully I will meet her soon. She's not ready to be off leash yet. My daily trips to the park have become nightly trips. The days are really short now so it's dark when we get there. Mum is gonna buy me a glow in the dark ball! That should make things a little easier.... Although I have become really good at using my nose to find my toys in the dark. So it rained all night and finally stopped this morning. I'm hoping it holds off! Papa is coaching football tonight and if there's no rain Mum and I are going to go watch! If it rains I have to stay home. Boo! Who will be the mascot if I'm not there? Well gotta run ani-pals, have a great Saturday!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A very odd photoshoot

So friends it's been a quiet week, mum and dad are back to their work routine, I am back to my daily walk and trip to the park routine! So there isn't much to report

My friend Payton and her mom had a nasty and unnecessary encounter with a disgruntled neighbor this week. She was playing in the field , where I play everyday, when a couple with 3 dogs walked by and Payton trotted over towards them. She kept a safe distance but the man started yelling at her mom about why she wasn't on a leash. Payton's mom explained that a) they were playing, b) Payton sometimes gets anxious on her leash but is a sweet girl without it, and c) none of the other neighbors have ever had an issue with it. He replied with "well it only takes one!", among other overly confrontational things. What a jerk! Further along their walk they ran into the couple again, and the man blamed the incident for causing his pregnant wife to go into contractions. BOL! His wife might have been about to have a baby, but he was having kittens over a 15 pound dog!

In other news, Mum bought a new gadget, something called an ipeed ipad. She has been taking pictures of me non stop! She even takes pictures of me sleeping......creepy! She is still trying to figure out had to add them to my posts though. :s

She also downloaded some app that was supposed to translate my grunts into human words. She deleted it though. She said who ever created it was obviously not a fluent speaker in dog. Had she of listened to it, I would have left a treat for her on the floor while she went to get one for me!

Well that's the kind of week it's been! Keep your paws on the floor!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving furends!
Don't be confused American Pups, I live in Canada land!

The fall weather has definitely set in. Its been a cool, crisp week .... perfect for playing outside! We have had a busy week.

 Mum and I missed about 3 weeks of Coronation St while we were away. We're thankful for PVR! We've been trying to catch up. Don't tell Mum ... I really couldn't care less about Sally and Kevin splitting up, or what happens to Tracy .... I'm in it for the hour or so of cuddling every night.

I am also thankful that I had a bath on Saturday .... now stick with me on this .... I'm thankful it was Saturday cause that means it wont happen tonight! BOL!

I am also thankful for my Mum who shares her snacks with me and slipped me some roasted bird tonight! And also that she makes me jackets to wear in the rain. And for our car port so I have a place to pee when I don't want to go out in the rain.

I'm thankful for my Papa who gives me belly rubs and chin scratches... oh yeah! And cause he maintains my daily intake of treats to the optimal level.

And finally I am thankful for long weekends cause its an extra day with my peeps. So... What are you thankful for?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

We now return to our regularly scheduled program

Hey there blog buddies!
I have so much to tell you about!!! We got home yesterday morning from my very much needed vacation. Being the neighborhood stud gets tough and I really needed the break.

So two weeks ago yesterday, my Mum and Dad tied the knot! That's why Mum and I flew to Toronto, Papa was already there waiting for us. We stayed with my Nonna and Nonno. The first few days were really busy, there were lots of people coming by, I had a whole news house to explore, with a yard and a deck! Mum and Dad seemed to be doing a lot of coming and going.

After the wedding things got quiet and then ... they left me! Yup they went off to some place called "France and England" and left me with my grand parents. I was a little put-out at first, but hearing about it later I think I had a better time.

I mean, they talked a lot about planes and trains and walking and site seeing and more walking, it all sounds very tiring. I on the other hand, spent the next ten days sunning myself on Nonno's new patio. It was glorious! Aunt Bessie and I watched TV together every night, and Nonna was very generous with the treats ... even if she did insist on cleaning my wrinkles!

I took daily strolls around the neighbourhood and introduced my self to all the peeps, and I met a nine week old bulldog. I also got to play in the back yard, it was nice to have a yard big enough to run in.

Oh and I made friends with the two budgie birds my Nonna adopted.

My pawrents finally came back and they brought me a present! They went to some place called "Harrods" (Mum was a lot more excited about it than Dad was) and they brought me back new dishes! I said "No toys?" But Mum says I have better toys already, and she wouldn't spend £100 for a leash, or £130 for the Sherlock Holmes tweed jacket ... cheapskate!

We had to go to the airport very very early yesterday, I was still very sleepy. When we arrived in Vancouver, Papa's friend picked us up. He brought his dog Berkley to meet me. She was a very nice girl, but I was too tired to entertain her, I fell asleep while she hung out with Mum in the back seat. I hope maybe we can have a play date someday.

And now we are back to normal! Well off I go ... still a little jet lagged.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Back Home!

Arrived home this morning! Tomorrow after I've had a good sleep I'll tell you all about my vacation!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I have arrived!

Just arrived in T dot Oh! Safe and sound. Papa and Nonno picked us up at the airport.

Now off for breakfast!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's been a long week

Hey hey!! Just in from a moon light trip to the park.

We are having a late summer, it was so hot today Mum wouldn't take me out to play. Some of the kids from the neighbor hood came and asked if I could go for a walk with them, but Mum said it was too hot ... what she really meant was I'm not alone allowed to play alone with girls she doesn't know .. Sheesh!

We have had quite the week! On tuesday we took a trip to the Vet, it seems my vaccines made my immune system take a nose dive, and I had an allergic reaction to something. I had some blisters and Mum thought maybe it was the demodex, but after an anti-histamine shot and some antibiotics I am looking as handsome as ever!

Thursday I had a double date..... me and two of my favorite girls, Molly and Payton. Molly and I went for a walk together  and then Payton met us at the gate to the field. We had a ball playing and chasing each other.

I also had the good fortune of being given another award!  The award is called “Premio Destellos Brillantes en el Cielo Azul." How cool is that!? Given to me by the pawmazing pooches over at Urban Hounds, thanks so much guys!

There are a few requirements for accepting this award:

  • Winners must post the award with rules on their blog.
  • Winners must include a link to the person who gave them the award.
  • Winners need to nominate 6 blogs for the award.
  • Winners must leave a message on those 6 blogs to let them know they’ve won.
  • Winners must describe what they dream or wish for most in the world.

I have decided to pass this award along to the following bright stars...

My wish is that all the pups without families find someone to love them ....and if I had a second wish it would be that the spoiled dogs in my neighborhood didn't bark their faces off every time I walk past their houses!

And now for some Big Big News! I will be absent in BlogVille for a couple weeks. Don't worry its all good! My Mum and Dad are getting married on Saturday!!!!! Mum and I are going to Toronto on Tuesday to meet up with my Papa. They are going on a Honeymoon after the wedding .....ewww gross! So I am gonna stay with my Nonno and Nonna. 

Mum promises to bring me back a souvenir! Unfortunately my Nonno doesn't write blogs, he only reads them! So there will be no updates while I am away. But as soon as I get back home I'll update you on all my adventures!

See you soon blog buddies!