Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stop the train!

Holy Moly puddin' pops! It was a crazy weekend.
Papa came home on friday morning! I was sooo excited to see him! But then almost as soon as he got home my Mum left, and she took G-Ma with her. I knew something was up because Papa came home with a big suitcase, and Mum left with a small suitcase. Luckily she was only gone for two sleeps. I was scared the first night, so I woke Papa up to ask if she was coming home.
Neither one of them brought me home a present! Mum says she looked but I had them all already ... A likely story! And Papa says italian dogs don't have stuff cool enough for me.
Last night was grocery night, so I had to stay home but afterwards Mum parked the car at Papa's work and we walked home together. It was tough, we haven't walked that far in a while. But I made it.
Well that's all for now. I fill the hours in between adventure by following G-Ma in and out of the house, and sitting next to her looking cute. It's tough work but I was made for it.

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