Thursday, August 12, 2010

She Ain't Crazy She's my Mommy

Tonight we went to town center park for our walk. It was a really nice night and we met some nice people .... and their dogs.
I should start though by telling you we got goosed! Not in the creepy old man way that Mum worries about on the skytrain every day, but by real gooses...I mean Geese. Look at them all.

We never see that many geese at town center park.

It was a smushy-face-arama at the park tonight. While we were walking we met a nice man and his puppy, she was a 5 month old boxer and she was very sweet. A little further down the path we met a really cute little frenchie. She was two years old and all white except a tiny brown circle on her tail. Her dad said I had a great little jaunt, he was watching me walk. (What can I say...I am the embodiment of athleticism.) Mum says if she can convince Papa,  I can have a little sister just like her when we get a yard. We can name her Tinker Bell, or Thumbalina, or Piglet :)

So, some people think my Mum is crazy because she lets me blog, but we saw guy tonight who really was crazy. I should be careful what I say here because we don't want to work up people like Bill O'Reilly, I promise I am not trying to marginalize the role of fathers! I love it when Papa takes me for a walk, I really do. But if he ever took me for a walk in one of these things I would think he lost his marbles!

If you look carefully (click on the picture to see it in full size) that is not a people-baby in that stroller. That isn't even a fur baby...its a fur kid! Its a full grown dog! Mum says it's more embarrassing than that Youtube video of Mr. Truck trying to walk in his new boots (Poor Mr. Truck). If Papa ever did this to me, when I finally forgave him for the humiliation I would have Mum send him to Colony Farm Psychiatric Hospital for evaluation!

OK well I should go rest up for tomorrow. Wish me luck at camp!

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