Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So maybe being a good boy isn't so bad after all? I am always a good boy, but this week I've been especially well behaved, and I seem to be reaping the benefits.
First, I haven't been put in the kitchen this week when Mum left for work. Normally that's where I go while she is away and Papa is still sleeping, but this week I was so good I got a chance to stay out and sleep a little longer on my bed. This morning I even let Papa sleep late before I woke him up. (Alarm clocks have nothing on a solitary pair of puppy dog eyes staring at your soul. I don't even have to make noise. )
Second, we got to play fetch off-leash in the driveway. I love to chase the ball, and I can do the cutest deer pounce you have ever seen! Mum walks to the end of the driveway and throws my ball way up on the grass. I get a pretty good pedicure on the concrete, I get to jump in the grass, and I get to chase something....its the best game ever!
I have been off my dinner schedule though, so the parental units have been pretty stingy with the treats. It's not fair! I love my parmesan Fromm Cookies, but Mum says I am not getting anything until I start eating my dinner :(
I heard something about a holiday this week too.... I think my Mum has thursday off work, and that can mean only one thing.....we're goin' to the park!! Oh yeah!! I'll post pictures for sure!
Peace out!
(PS this is a picture of me last night when Mum interrupted my football time. )

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Friday, June 25, 2010

My first Bar-B-Q

OMD everyone! I went to my first barbecue yesterday. Mum and Papa barbecue everyday, but that doesn't count... This was a party!

My Papa's friend is moving away so we went to her party. There were lots of people and a little people too. I even got to get dressed up, I wore my Harley Davidson collar, and I looked really cool. It was the best day ever. I got to be off my leash almost the whole night, and had so many belly rubs, people were constantly calling my name, and I got my very first bone (real bone not toy bone, I have tons of those :))and I got to play soccer with a whole bunch of people.
Mum shared her sausage with me and her veggies too. People were surprised I like to eat cauliflower... I don't know why? Yum! I had some hamburger too!
Another dog named Lucy was there too, but we weren't allowed to play. Her mommy carried her everywhere and she barked if I came close. So rude! I just wanted a sniff! She was a pretty little chihuahua.
We stayed really late, why past my sleepy time, so I took a nap in the grass...its way more comfortable than the patio. Who knew!
Tonight I will be back to kibble for dinner, but at least it's chicken! Mum and Papa switched me from puppy food to big boy food, and they bought lamb! Gross!!! I would not eat it! Mum tried some and she agreed it just too lamby. So Papa brought it back to the store and got me chicken instead. He gave me a scoop when he got home from the store and I gobbled it all up... I was a hungry boy!

Well Mum should be home any minute so I better get ready for our walk.
Over and Out!
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What World Cup?.... I am the World Cup!

It's Official!... I am Captain of the Coquitlam Bulldogs!

Mum and Papa took me to the dog park and we played a little soccer....or "football" to some of you! I don't have much to say about it though I think the pictures pretty much speak for themselves:
Please give me the ball!

David Beckham's bulldog Coco has nothing on me:

I'm so fast even the camera can't keep up with me :

I think my ball rolled in something gross!
I am a natural born athlete! Just look at that physique:

Eat my dust Cristiano Ronaldo!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Long time, no see.

Yo yo yo, what up my peeps? So it's been a whole week since my last post. I appologise profusely. The week started pretty slow, and then got better.

Early in the week, we went to the dog park and ended up going for a walk in a neighborhood we don't live in. Which is only slightly less boring than walking in your own neighborhood. See, we arrived at the dog park and there were two dogs already playing, which I was pretty excited about. But as we got closer, one of the dogs (a boxer)  started barking at me through the fence. He was pretty agro about it too, and his Mom seemed to think his aggression was funny. I was gonna show him that Tony Danza isn't the only boss around, but Mum said no.

The rest of the week we just did our regular walks around the neighborhood. One night we found a baby bird who fell out of a tree, we tried to help him by scooping up to put him in a safe place, but he was so scared he started to shake and scream so  we had to leave him.
Yesterday, we finally went to the town center park. There was a fishing derby, so there were lots of kids, and of course.... I was the star of the day. I got lots of belly rubs. Mum had some errands to run afterwards, but when she came home I spent the rest of the afternoon on the patio in the sun. It was a great day!

Today Mum and I went to Bunsen Lake to play in the water. I have to admit, I had much more fun than the last time she tried to trick me into swimming! There were lots of other dogs there to play with, some of them stole my ball from me, but I always got it back. There were some babies there today too.There was a baby Great Dane, he was super fun. He was only  about 8 months old.....but already way taller than me. We ran circles around a picnic table until we started to wobble. Haha, that was fun! And there was a baby rottweiler, who was the tiniest little dog I ever did see. I sniffed him and said hello, but we didnt play cause he was too small!
I also got my picture taken by some people who thought I was so cute in my life jacket.... and well she was right. And another lady told my Mum she should put me in commercials, cause this face could sell anything!

I spent most of the afternoon napping, swimming  really tires a boy out. And now I have to go bug Mum while she folds laundry....its pay back for the time she spent reading this weekend! Later!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

"Finn" de semaine

Salute, Bonjour, Weekend! The weekend is here and it's too hot for me to go out and play :( The weather here has gone from crap to fabulous litterally over night....Unfortunitly, bulldogs like me need it to be somewhere in between. I have spent a fair bit of time laying in the sun though, and its been a good day for me. Look at this picture of me in the sun...I look like an angel....a furry, handsom, beast of an angel.

Mum and I started the day early. We had a little togeather time on the patio... she had a cappucino and I had my bone. The breakfast of champions if you ask us!  It was still a little chilly outside though so once her coffee was done we came inside and had a snuggle and watched some tv.

Then Mum went out without me... I hate when she goes out without me.....especially when Papa is asleep and I have no one to play with.  But she came back with some shopping bags and in one she brought me a jacket for the fall. I have to say... hunter green really is my colour!
And then the cleaning started.... I thought it was probably best if I just waited outside until that was done....or else I might get cleaned too. (Once was enough this week, thank you very much!) So I took my football and headed outside. I was probably out there for a good hour before Zio Sam showed up. It was fine at first but I got kinda scared when Sam and Papa left and they took my blanket and my bed with them. I  figured that couldn't be good....and I was even more worried when they came back without it!

All turned out well though, after Sam went home Mum and Papa went out too, and when they came home they brought me a brand new bed and a new blanket. They said my old bed was gross (how rude!) cause it was my puppy bed, and I had also ripped it a couple times ( when I was little-er of course), so this is my "big boy" bed! Big Boy is what Papa calls me....cause I'm big.  See the picture of me checking it out?

Well thats all for now, I think I'll go play in the kitchen...it's nice and cool in there. I can't play to hard though, I have to save some energy for our walk tonight, once it cools down.

Adios Amigos

(See what I did there.... I used French, Spanish and English all in one post....'Cause I'm a Cali boy living in Canada, so that's how I role these days)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Well At Least Someone Takes Photos

Hi All, I have been waiting to write this post in hopes of a photo to add with it. I think I'll have to add an old photo just so you don't forget what I look like. My mum has been really bad for forgetting the camera or her phone at home lately, and although she did take a photo of me at the park on Wednesday, using Papa's phone, due to technical difficulties I don't have it.

On the upside though, lot's of other people took pictures of me that day. I don't know what was happening... I haven't gotten that much attention since my first visit to the park. People were coming out of the wood work to pet me. 3 different people asked my mum and dad if they could take my picture. Old men were rubbing my head, babies were hugging me.... it was awesome!

One lady took pictures of a lot of dogs, she said she was sending them back to her country to show that dogs and people could be friends...I can't image a place where dogs and people aren't friends.... I love my people friends!....and I know you all love me. :)

One crazy lady fed her kid a piece of ham while she was hugging me. Good thing my Mum taught me that people eat first!! I know some dogs that would have stolen that ham right out of the kids mouth... that wouldn't be pretty! She realized she made a mistake though, and told my Mum she was sorry, she didn't mean to tease me. It was OK though, becasue I handled it so well I got to have a Fromm cookie when I got home. Mmmm..Parmesan.

Speaking of my people friends though, I met a few more people on another walk. One guy asked "Is he an english bulldog?"...but before I could answer the other guys  said "No, he's french, can't you tell by the accent." Haha, he was funny. I liked him so much he made me wiggle...and since I don't really have a tail to wag.... a wiggle means I really like you. The other person who makes me wiggle is my friend Mike. Mike and his husband live upstairs, and they give me lots of attention. Sometimes Mike looks like he's not friendly and then he sees me and he light's up! I have that affect on people.

Last night Mum and I just went for a short walk, and we saw bazillions of black slugs...gross. I learned that lesson a long time ago... they are chewy and DO NOT taste good. They grow really big here...like 12 cm (That's about 4.5 inches my American homies). Yuck!

Well that's all for now....but it's Friday and Mum will be home soon.....so check back in a couple days!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sunny days are here at last.

Wow did I sleep well last night. So well in fact that when Mum got out of the shower this morning I was still asleep in the same place she had left me the night before.
We went to the dog park last night so I could run around. We took my soccer ball, and I was beat by the time we got home....not that I would admit to it. I also got to stomp in a lot of mud. I was pretty dirty when we left. Its a good thing we have a seat cover in the car, I think Papa would have made me walk home otherwise. He obviously does not know the joy of mud between your toes! Mum hosed me down and lathered me up on the step when we got home. I'm not sure how I feel about this. On one hand I didn't have to lifted in and out of the tub, but on the other....I had to get a bath.
The weekend was alright too, we went on a couple good walks. I met some girls (hi Daisy) and we met some very precocious kids who told Mum they were Dog walkers. Mum assured me they wouldn't be walking this dog.
We also dropped the car off at Papa's work and walked home one night. I know I have told you I am a chick magnet...but I think I am a magnet in general. One guy actually rolled down his window and told Mum I was a sweet dog and asked if we needed a ride anywhere. I took control of the situation said "Dude, that's my mother, and this is my walk, so back off ok. Oh and thanks for the compliment, I am pretty sweet"
Next we encountered a man who was obviously a time traveler because he said "That's a mighty fine lookin dog you got there. " Good to know they had good taste in what ever decade he came from, and also kind of funny since my full name is DK's Mighty Finn. (Get it? Mighty Finn...Mighty Fine...I crack myself up.
Well gotta go, its a sunny day for a change (the second in a row) and I think I'll spend most of it laying on the patio.
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Just a quicky to let you know I have been found not guilty! The body of Martini has been located and the cause of death was concluded to be death by misadventure.
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And the mystery deepens!

Another one bites the dust. The second fish is MIA, and although I am the leading suspect there is nothing to pin it on me.
You see, yesterday upon returning home from work Mum went to check on the second fish only to see that it was gone....Vanished. Papa was her first suspect, she questioned him on the whereabouts of the fish to which he answered .... "It's in the bowl where else would it be!" He even went so far as to pull out the net and do some digging. No fishy! He plead ignorance in the matter.
Then all eyes turned to me...the only problem with that theory is that although I have motive (I hate the attention grabbing little swimmers), I do not have means (I am not tall enough to reach the bowl) and there were no signs of foul play.
The case against me hinges on the fact that I hurled on the kitchen floor yesterday morning at about 5 am. No one paid any attention to the contents and all was put out with the trash. The fish was last seen alive at 10:38pm the night before.
The theory is that the fish who was jumpy anyhow, leaped from the bowl with an apparent suicide mission. Upon noticing floppy fish on the floor, I gobbled it up only to have it continue the acrobatics in my tummy. This caused me to retch up the awful creature effectively ending its short life.
I can neither confirm nor deny the accusations against me, although I can say this may be the perfect crime.
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