Thursday, June 30, 2011

First Night

So it's the first night in our new house. I love my little patch of grass ... But I do mean little!
We can hear coyotes barking near by, but I am safe on my patio! And there are frogs croaking in the stream. Other than that it is super quiet!
I met a couple dogs and their people tonight, and from a distance I spotted one big ass frenchie! Mums guessing about a 33 pounder.
I think I'm gonna like this place.


Mum abandoned me at the Dog Ranch! I knew this would happen! Well guess what Mum!? I don't miss you .... see....

Okay, now seriously .... come get me!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Where are we going, what's going on!?

Hi dudes, it's been a rough week! I've been feeling all out of sorts!

Mum and Papa have been super busy, they keep packing all of our stuff into big giant boxes! Our living room is starting to look like a warehouse .... Except my stuff! My stuff isn't packed! Why not my stuff?

I've been sticking pretty close to Mum, and making myself indispensable! Last night she was writing Thank You cards for the shower thingy she went away for last week. It was a little chilly last night so I laid on her toes to keep them warm. She can't forget me if I'm on her toes!

We did go to the park yesterday! Mum said I was such a patient boy all weekend we would go to towncentre park for a walk! I met a Cane Corso, two of Lorenza's cousins and a tiny leetle chihuahua baby!
Well that's all for now boys and girls. Mum says we may not be able to post as often as we'd like but once we are settled in the new place we'll be back to normal ... Or we better be ... Or I'll be taking a pee in someones Badgley Mischkas!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Did you miss me?

Hi kids, I'm back!
Mum and Dad went away last week so I was too busy rockin' it out at camp to write a blog post!
I spent 4 nights there, and even though the ladies there are super nice to me I was crazy happy when I sniffed Mum in the air!

I had a pawesome day yesterday just relaxin' on my comfy bed, inspecting all my toys ... Good news! No intruders were detected, the toys were just as I left them!

My Mum brought me back some new treats and said they were from my aunt Dawn. She went to a fancy shmancy pet store and bought them for me. She's a herbavore... I mean vegetarian, and so are these treats. Mum and I tasted them and the really do taste like pumpkin and banana! Thanks Dinky!

Well that's all for now! Keep your stick on the ice! Go Canucks Go!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So fun...can't breath

*Pant pant pant* I had so much fun tonight!

 I went next door to play with my people friend Lucas! He is sooo fun, and sooo full of energy!

We played soccer, and he tossed my bone, and I chased him and he chased me... and OMD I'm pooped!

I'm gonna miss him a whole bunch .... little people are awesome!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Mum's a Hoser!

What an amazing weekend! The weather has been perfect and I have been soaking up the sun.

Friday, Mum and I went to the creek for a swim. I never get tired of that place! The cool water also made the rest of my walk a lot more comfortable.

This morning we went for a walk at Colonie Farm, but instead of walking the same route we have shown you before we parked at the other end of the trail.

There is actually a small "farm" there. People rent small plots and grown their own veggies.

It was pretty warm along the trail, so it was a good thing Mum brought the water bottle. And we took advantage of the spots with a nice breeze.

Mum hosed me when we got home to help me cool down and I laid down in the shade.


I have spent the rest of the day moving back and forth between sun and shade. It has been glorious!