Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rollin' on the River

Its the weekend! Yahoo, and the sun is out!

I'm hoping to get to go to the river again this weekend! Mum and I went back this week ... life jacket in tow...and tried out the water. I did not appreciate being lifted into the deep water .... but I swam like a champ back to the shore!

The water helped cool me down though, which was great since on the way to the parking lot we met a super fun puppy girl! Her name was Daisy May and she is 1/2 boxer 1/2 English bulldog. She was crazy fun, we played together while the peeps talked. She had one of the e-collars that starts beeping when she
 doesn't listen to her mom. Her mom said they bought it after Daisy May CHASED A BEAR!!! down their street. Leave it to the peeps to ruin our fun, and be all worried about "Saftey". This girl is a bad ass bear fighter! And she could jump the fence at the park! Pawesome!

I slept like a champ that night.  I bet Daisy doesn't sleep at all. I bet she fights bears, hunts squirrels, and demands belly rubs 24-7!

Okay I'm tired now just reliving our pawesome play date, gonna go sunbathe on the patio. Have an awesome weekend, and if you are Canadian have a great LONG weekend!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Neighbourhood Rock Star

What up fur-pals !?!

So I have had a pretty busy week. I love that we have a big open space right in our neighbourhood becasue I get to go there and play every night. We don't have to go to the dog parks because there are so many dogs around anyhow.

Of course, weekends are still the best part of the week. Yesterday Mum and I went to explore the field next to our house.... umm... not our greatest adventure. The grass was way too tall! I got all tangled and Mum couldn't see me half the time, so we cut that short and continued on our walk around the neighbourhood.

While Mum and I were walking a Labrador started barking at us from his patio. His Mom came out to tell him to be quiet and she said "Oh that must be Finn, he IS cute!" Funny thing is .... we have never met this woman before! I think my fan club (the neighbourhood kids) have been spreading word about my extreme pawesomeness.

Today was a beautiful hot summer day, something we haven't seen much of this summer. While the rest of North America is having a heat wave it has been cold and wet here. Mum and I took the opportunity to go explore Aloette Park down the road.

There is a water park and picnic area for little peoples and their family and there is a river that bigger kids go tubing on. Mum and I didn't pack the life jacket or tube, but we will next time! This was a preliminary visit to assess the swimming situation. The water is awesome! So refreshing and clean. We cant wait to go back !

For the rest of the afternoon though, I think I'll sun myself on the patio.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Playin' in the rain

Splish splash, we had a very wet Saturday!
It rained most of the day yesterday, I wanted no part of it! I was quite content to stay inside and watch it fall.

The great thing about this new house is that we have something called a carport. It's the best invention ever! Mum was able to take me out side for a wizz and to play and I never had to get wet! Genius!

When it did stop raining I took Mum up the street to play fetch. I met a mini-poodle named Jenny. Her boy was kind of shy, but he wanted to play too, so he went home and got a ball for Jenny. He would throw it for her and run behind her holding her leash. BOL, I think he was afraid she would run away.

 I have been loving my crate lately! Mum leaves the door open so I can go in and out as I please. Last night Mum and Papa went out and we had a ginormous thunder storm! I chilled in my crate until they got home, it was very cozy. I almost didn't hear them come in.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears.... I Won!

What up my dudes?!?

I have been given the great honor of the Versatile Blogger Award! It came from my blog buddy Sophie, who was also a recipient! Thanks Sophie!

Now I am supposed to tell you seven things about my peeps!

1. My Mum is from Nova Scotia just like Sophie and her Dads.
2. I am my Mum's 5th doggy .... Shaunessey, Goldie, Maggie and Molly all came before me .... But I am her first doggy as an adult.
3. My Papa's family is Sicilian and they like to give Italian names to everyone .... Mine is Finncenso ....
4. Mum's is Filomena ... or Filly for short ... BOL.
5. My Mum and Papa met at Acadia University, they were neighbors.
6. Mum lets me on the big bed when Papa isn't home .... Shhhh don't tell him.
7. When my Mum was little, when ever she misbehaved her Dad would tell her he was gonna trade her in for a Cocker Spaniel ... triple BOL.

I am now going to pass this award on to the following super cool Dogs...

Benny and Lily

I am also going to pass along the "Doggy Blog Award" to ....

and Finn Howard
I love those girls! I won the award a while back from my buddy Roo and have been holding on to it.

Congratulations ev-furry one,  you pups rock.

Now a little update... I have been playing with Payton a few more times and she came running to Mum and I when we were playing outside... so I think that means we are officially friends. I don't see her from Sunday until Wednesday though 'cause her Mum and Dad don't live together anymore and they have shared custody ... Mum says that people talk for two houses.
Tonight from our patio we saw a bear!!! For real! The security guy warned Mum about it and then we saw him. Apparently he visits our neighborhood every Tuesday 'cause Wednesday is garbage day.

Well That's all from me. Check ya later.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Buck Yeah!

Holy Moley Putey Tats!
We saw a great big deer on our street! Mum says he was an 8 point buck, whatever that means!
I was joggin' along minded my biz when all of a sudden this thing bolted out of nowhere, leaped over a ditch (I mean cleared it!) And ran off into the bush!
It was pawesome. I got put on my leash for a few minutes after that 'cause Mum says we're not allowed to chase the deer, or scare them on purpose. (Boooo!) But after we were sure he was gone and was traveling alone I was off again!
This new neighborhood is super pawesome dog friendly. I don't know what I was scared about!... Except maybe the giant skeeters!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Friend!

Oh my dog! I have a new friend!

Mum was too slow to get a picture of her so maybe tomorrow.
Her name is Payton and she is a Bug! That's a Boston Terrier Pug cross, 'case you didn't know. And she lives 4 doors down from us.

I met her from the balcony yesterday and this morning her Mom asked if I could come down to meet her in the fur, so I did. And we sniffed and chased each other while our people talked. Then tonight she walked passed my house again and we went outside and we played for a few more minutes. It was so pawesome!

Happy Saturday!