Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mmmm sun!

Greetings furiends!
Hope you have all had a good week.
Papa has been away all week so Mum and I have been hangin out. We have had some great trips to the park, and some fabulous weather.

We went back to see dr. Z yesterday. He said my itchies are healing nicely. His crazy collie was barking his face off at me. Luckily, he was in a fenced run. He doesn't seem to mind the other dogs that were around, but he goes bonkers when I walk by. I think he's jealous of my studliness.

Today was house cleaning day so I decided it was best for me to hang outside in the sun. So if you will excuse me , I have to take a nap on the patio.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hung Over

Oy! I am just exhausted! I can't party like I used to!

We had company on Friday! Miss Gen and Miss Shannon came over. I was up extra late and got lots of extra rubs and ear scratches. Can't wait til I get to go stay with them again.

Our neighbors were also having a party. Papa took me over to say hi to some of his friends and the dog there tried to bark my face off! I was like dude it's a party, chill out! But he wasn't havin' it, so I kept my distance .... Then I peed on his fence .... On the outside ... Ha ha sucker!

Yesterday, when the rain finally stopped, we went out and played in the park! I ran like crazy! I can't wait til summer when it not so slippery though.... I slammed into a fence! BOL! I wasn't hurt! And luckily either was the fence. Once I bumped into a fence and knocked a board off. Good thing Mum was able to bang it back into place before anyone saw. My pleasant evening was ruined though when THEY decided it was bath time. I tried to play dead but Papa didn't buy it, he scooped me up and carried me to the tub. They just don't get it.

Today I just recuperated. Mum and I slept in until 930! That's late for both of us! We kept it low key all day until our power went out. After an hour and a half Mum decided to go get us some sushi for dinner. Of course when she got home the power was back. But I actually got some sushi and it was fabulous.

Well gotta run! Mum's gettin' some yogurt out of the fridge.... Hopefully I'll get to lick the container.
Peace out homies!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Back in Blogville

Hey blog buddies!
Mum and I took a little blog sabbatical. It was unplanned but needed.

You see Mum was feeling really tired (read lazy) and blah. I told her to suck it up! I had things to tell you all. But alas she wouldnt help me type. Our outings were lack luster and uninspired! And I considered trading her in. But turns out all that was just because my Mum is having puppies! Well a puppy.

She's feeling much more ambitious lately, and we have had some good outings. We went walking a couple weeks ago with Miss Michelle, we met lots of other dogs and saw some llamas!
Last week my Nonna and Aunt Bessie came for a visit. It was so good to see them and have some company.
My itchies have come back again, but they are currently under control! Dr. Z gave me some meds, and they changed my food. I'm feelin' like a hundred bucks.... Which is coincidentally what my meds cost. BOL, and on our last trip to the vet we were greeted by his two peacocks! They came right up to the car, it was like driving through an episode of Wild Kingdom!
Well that's my update. Hopefully now that Mum is feeling better and the weather is better, we will find a lot more to tell you about.

Happy Valentine's Day ladies ;)
Sweet Dreams!