Monday, June 18, 2012

I can see you!

Oh furiends! What a week it has been.

So, somehow I scratched my cornea last weekend. It was really sore and my eye was really runny.
Papa called Dr.Z and they couldn't see me on Monday so he took me to "the back up" vet. They did a die test in my eye and showed Papa the scratch. Mum had to take the next day off work because I needed drops every hour for 48 hours (except overnight). He said if there wasn't improvement by thursday they'd have to do surgery then stitch my eye shut for 30 days. Mum said there was no way anyone was doing that to me unless Dr. Z said it was the only option.

Thursday Papa took me back for a follow up and they said to cut back the drops to 3-4 times a day. Yesterday we went again and they said it is still improving. I have another week of drops and then hopefully it should be healed.

The backup vet is very pushy. When Papa first took me in, my eye had been running for a couple days so my wrinkles were pretty irritated. The doc made a big show out of it and told Papa I have very serious skin issues, and something needs to be done. He gave me antibiotics for my skin even though Papa told him we have my itchies under control.(He made Papa believe the drugs were related to my eye) Yesterday, he tried to tell Mum that the skin between my toes was pink (not red) because of "skin problems" (I have white feet! What colour does he think the skin should be!) and he wants to put me on antibiotics for 4 months! Mum said she'd think about that, our regular vet seems to be ok with my skin. What she really wanted to say was that there was no way she was putting me on antibiotics for that long when my weekly medicated baths work just fine, and the reason my chin is all red is because I have been wearing the cone of shame for a week because the drops hurt like hell, and when my eye waters or when I drool it gets caught in the cone and irritates my face, and it is nearly impossible to keep dry right now, and common sense should tell him that!
At yesterdays follow-up he walked in the room and said "oh see how well the antibiotics are working he smells better already". Papa quickly responded with "No, that's because he had a bath last night". (You tell'em Dad!)
Now, I have had some problems in the past with itchies on my back caused by allergies. But Mum and Papa and Dr. Z have been working really hard to keep the itchies away. The parental units are not impressed with his pushiness! Especially since he has no clue about my past itchies, my allergies, and how Dr Z is helping us control them, and hasn't listened when they tried to tell him. This is why he will never be more than "the back up".

Well that was my week! Seems lately there is always something!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Its a dog's life

That is me sleeping in the driveway. I was so tired yesterday after our walk I fell asleep on the cold concrete in the time it took Mum to find her key and open the back door. She's a good sport though and sat out there with me while I cooled off.

What a weekend I had! Mainly, Friday was the big adventure. We went to Bailey's house for a pawty. The people sat around and had pizza and beer while me and Bailey and another dog Roxy played tag.

Mum says Roxy lives in our neighborhood but I have never met her before. She is a shepard mix, and she is just over one year old.

It was hard keeping up with her but I did my best. I banged into a couple things and even did a log roll. Papa was not impressed. He was beside himself worried I would hurt my self, or break something. And all that running really helped "clear me out". I took 9 poops!! Papa was horrified with embarrassment! Mum just kept telling him to relax and get another bag. I am a dog after all! BOL.

I had to drink A LOT of water to keep cool. And I may or may not have had an accident in Bailey's house. Now Mum was not impressed! I don't do that at home. I tried to tell them I had to go but I guess with all the commotion they didn't notice. So I marched right up in front of Mum and let it rip.

By the end of the night we were all zonked, and crashed out in the living room.

I spent most of saturday happily snoozing. Yesterday I was a little more energetic so Mum and I went for a walk and to play fetch. We didn't stay long though, I got tired pretty quickly.

Well that's all for now. Papa is home from work today. If I am lucky he will forget to put the tin foil on the couch when he goes to the gym and I can climb up there for a nice comfy nap! (They put tin foil on the couch to keep me off because I hate the sound it makes)