Thursday, August 25, 2011

Piranha! Awwwww!

Oh hello neighbour! I am so tuckered tonight.

Mum made pizza paninis for dinner, and she totally hooked me up with some Provolone! Benny and Lily are right, that stuff is pure deliciousness. I left a puddle of drool.

After dinner Mum and I went to the river for a walk and a swim. It's really exhausting sniffing all the great smells there. I helped to locate some perfect shore space.

I didn't really go in the water though... just to my belly. Mum went in for a swim and she said the little fishes were nipping on her legs... Ewwww! I said Mum are you crazy, those little fishes could be piranhas! Get out of there! Mum says we don't have piranhas in Canada, but hey, you never know! I bet that's what those kids in that movie thought too!

Luckily we made it back to the car without being eaten by wild animals. We're gonna spend the rest of the evening on the patio battling vicious mosquitoes while Mum reads her book.

Night night fur pals.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ticket to ride!

I had the misfortune of a trip to the vet this morning. Don't worry it was nothing serious, they sent my Mum a post card to tell her my vaccines were due this month.

It's a bit of a drive to our vet, 37km / 23 miles but Dr. Zwamborn is super smart, not a puppy propaganda pusher, he actually likes animals and he doesn't drain Mum's wallet ....which is good for me 'cause that's more money to spend on me!

He said I am 56 pounds of lean mean bully handsomness! Duh! He checked my eyes, ears, nose, toes and the jewels! Mum told him I am going on vacation in a few weeks and asked if there was anything to be concerned about. I am going on an airplane!! Dr. Z said I have excellent breathing, and since I travel well in the car (I fall asleep by the end of the street), and because Mum booked direct, nighttime flights, I'll be just fine!

Mum decided I needed a brushing before the vet, so she busted out this mitt she found at HomeSense. It's kind of like a lint brush but it works while she pats me. She says alone it gets off about half the furs, but it perfect for finishing off after a good scour with the zoom groom.

Still feeling a little icky from my shots, off to nap on the patio.

Stay cool furiends!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not so wordless Wednesday

My Mum went away for the weekend and has been a lazy ass ever since!
She also refused to let me play in the park last night .... Something about not coming when I am called.
Please bear with me while I sort her out.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Molly and Me

I had a play date!

The peeps and I were walking by Molly's house and she was on the patio. So my peeps talked to her peeps and Mum told them we were going for a walk and then going to play in the field. While we were in the field Molly showed up with her peeps to play with us.

 There really is nothing like playing with another bully. Most dogs I meet just like to bounce and run. Molly knew what's up! She put me in a head lock right off the bat.We sniffed, and ran, and wrestled, and tumbled, it was so so soooo fun!

To people not accustomed to Bully's it probably looked like we were fighting at times, but it was actually the best play I have had in a long time! I had to be hosed down when we got home ... partly to help me cool down and partly 'cause I was covered in slobber. Molly and I both had wet slobbery faces by the time we were done.

What a pawesome way to start the week!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Busy busy bee

*yawn* *stretch*

Hi furiends,
Oh its been a busy week. Mum has a new crafty project so that means less time to help me post. Paw-sha! But we have had some fun.
Last weekend we went for a short hike at Golden Ears Park. The trees are so tall! But the only wild life we saw was this giant Banana Slug, and a blue Jay.

I also helped Mum set up our new garden hose ...... I am the official water tester! I can certify it was cool and refreshing!

We also went up the street to the field to play with Payton, and we met another dog from the street named Cinnamon, shes a very pretty collie.... oh but the best of all.... there is a new bully in my hood! She just moved in last Wednesday. Her name is Molly. So far we have only met from the patio, but I think we are gonna be buddies. Her Mum told my Mum, I would make a good boyfriend for her ... umm...getting a little ahead of ourselves? I haven't even sniffed her yet!

Well thats the news for now. Adventure awaits... ta for now!