Thursday, August 5, 2010

Water Dog...Sleepy Dog!

If Papa doesn't come home soon I am gonna be exhausted...every night is a different adventure.

Last night Mum and I went on a Puppy play-date with two girls named Mia and Brin and their people-sister. It was lots of fun, and next week we might go to the beach together. I liked those girls and I am hoping we can be friends, I really need some dog friends! Mia is a standard poodle, and Brin is a mini poodle shit-zoo mix. Their Mom got them after they were rescued from a hoarder, she heard about Mia and when she went to get her she met Brin and knew she couldn't separate them. Isn't that a happy ending?!

Tonight after dinner we went to the river again, it was really hot and sticky outside, the river felt pretty great on my fur. And... its the one place Mum doesn't need to bring a bottle of water for me!

 I have been perfecting my swimming technique, and I am getting really good.

Mum likes to float in her tube and I swim back and forth from the shore to the shallow spot in the middle.

I look so cute in my life jacket!

So despite the heat and the swimming I was still a little wiry when we got Mum took me next door again to play with Lucas.... our Mum's both enjoy that. I have kind of destroyed one of his soccer balls though, Mum might have to buy him a new one. I didn't do it on teeth just get stuck in it when I pick it up.

Ok I am pretty tired, I should really go to bed....tomorrow is Friday who knows where she will take me!

Snuggles and Snorts!

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