Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Huh? Me?

What ch'you talkin' 'bout? I didn't trick you into giving me second dinner last night! Who told you that? Oh Dad told you that ... He must be mistaken. More numnums please!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Give me that kitteh!

Oh what a day.... I am so tired... tired and content!

First though I should tell you about a special package that arrived yesterday. So, remember my blogiversary was a couple weeks? Yes, of course you do. Well my Mum decided to celebrate by having my first year of blogs printed into a book! It is so cool! She tried reading me some of the stories this morning and I said "Yeah Mum I was there remember" and she was all "but it's so cute" and I was all "Yeah I know I wrote it". Sheesh.

She left the book strategically placed on our dining table when we went out today, as if it was "accidentally" left there (Mr. Calvin was bringing more people to see our apartment) .... shameless self promotion. While Mr. Calvin was showing strangers around our home, we went to see our new house and visit the real-estate agent.

They pretty much loved me there, and the lady said almost every family in our neighborhood has a dog and ... one family that just bought last week has a bulldog!!! I might have a fur-real bully friend!!! There was a super rude dude in the real-estate office though! At first he was nice, he was patting my head and saying what a nice boy I was and then he did the unspeakable! Mum was horrified as was I. If I had not been in such shock I may have peed on his shoe.... He pinched my neck roll and announced to everyone "He's 14% overweight but thats okay."  Who does thats?! Mum quickly said "Actual he's only 3lbs from his ideal weight." What she wanted to say was "And so are you, you old geezer but no one feels the need to tell you!" BOL.

After that fiasco we carried on with our day and stopped at a pet store near our new house. They sell Cuz  toys! We have seen them online but not in any stores until today. Mum was gonna buy me a pink Cuz but then  decided on a blue squeaky kitty! I squeaked that kitteh's brains out all the way home! It was super fun.

We made a stop at the off-leash park too. We didn't stay long since I was gettin' pretty tired, but I did get to play with a really cool boxer.

All in all it was a pretty pawesome day, and I am sure I'll sleep sound tonight.
Night Night, don't let the fleas bite.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Vamos a la playa!

I went to the beach again! ooh yeah ooh yeah!

I played with a little collie mix. She was 14 years old! and her Mom said she doesn't usually like to play. She was a little slow, and she barked at me when I got too excited. But it was fun.

There was also a dough head with two duck tollers, they were sooooo excited to be at the park. Their dough head dad thought that their state of extreme excitement was a good time to have a training session and expected them to lay down and be quiet before he would throw their stick. The shrieking was unbearable! I even had to go over and check that they were ok. The older of the two finally got borded and walked away from him, but the little stayed and cried and cried. Such a mean Dad!

We had some people come look at our apartment today so Mum and I had to vacate for a while, while Mr. Calvin showed them around. The good part was Mr. Calvin let me go play in his yard! It was super fun, filled with new smells and cool plants.

After my very cool day, I am super tired! But Mum let me have a little something special .... she let me nap in the best place!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mr. Sun, Where did you go?

We had a beautiful week! The sun was out, the temperature was up and it was great.
I spent some afternoons sunnin' on the patio, some great walks in the evenings and a  couple special outings.

  On Wednesday Mum and Papa had an appointment for engagement photos. Their photographer said "Do you have any Dogs?" Of course they said yes and he said "Well bring him too!".  So we went to the Pitt River and the photographer set us up on a log with the river and the mountains in the background. I hopped up on the log and was ready for my close-up, and he was so impressed. He said "Wow, he's a poser." Mum told him I've had my picture taken once or twice so I new what what going on .

On Thursday Mum and I went to that little creek again for a swim. The water feels sooo good, and tastes sooo good.

We were hoping to go back to Bunsen Lake this morning to get those mountain pics Sophie was asking for but unfortunately the sun has gone away. The rain is back! Don't worry though Sophie... it has to come back someday, and when it does we will get those photos! For now you will all have to make due with these shots Mum took on our walk around the neighbor hood.

It seems every city has a landmark to help people determine their direction, like in Toronto people use the CN tower to get around because the tower is in the South. In Vancouver, people use the Mountains

because they are in the North. But when you leave the city and come out to the burbs the mountains are sort of all around you. We know the ski hills are North West, and Mount Baker is South East.

Hope you are all having a sunny weekend. See you soon.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

At da Beach!

We went to the beach this morning!  We were the only ones there and I was King of the Beach ... not that it would be any different with other dogs.

The water was still a little chilly, but not cold enough to keep me out! Even Mum went in to her knees (mostly just to retrieve my ball - she's so well trained).

Running in the sand is always a good work out, and I always need a good nap when we get home.

The water was extra high today because of the spring run off. This lake is also fed by Coquitlam lake where our drinking water comes from. BC Hydro has a turbine connecting the two lakes that helps make our electricity. BC Hydro owns all the land around this lake, but they made a park that everyone can use. And they made this dog beach in the park!

This whole big area is fenced off so doggies and there people can enjoy the beach together with no complaints from the no-dog people. (Side note - never trust a person who doesn't like dogs! Especially at the beach!)

As pretty as these pictures are it is even nicer on a clear day when you can see the snow capped mountains. We are so lucky to be able to come here!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


OMD! Today is my Blogoversary and I didn't even realize!!! (Thanks for reminding me Mum...not... Epic Fail!)

In honor of this special day I just want to say thank you to all my followers and readers, and all my blog friends! May we all have another year of dog blog fun!

Just call me Kevin

It's another beautiful sunny day in my little corner of the world... the second in a row! I am spending the afternoon napping on the patio soaking up the rays. I have really missed this.
I had a pretty great day yesterday too. I was HOME ALONE! I convinced Mum she doesn't need to barricade me in the kitchen when I am home alone!

View of my little creek from the bridge above.

I usually get to roam free in the house if the parental units are only going out for a short time, but it was the first time I got to spend the whole day.  I spent the work day comfortably resting in my bed, chewing my antler and watched three episodes of Dog Whisperer between naps.... those dogs have issues!.....Oh and I didn't get into any trouble! Not a single cushion out of place!

Let me go, I see something over there.

After dinner we went for a nice walk. The temperature was still 22C at 730pm! The warmest day this year. We brought my water bottle on our walk but I finished it off about two thirds of the way home. Thats when Mum decided we should take a slight detour. We stopped at a little creek that feeds into the Coquitlam river for a cool drink and a little swim.

How do you not see that?
The water here is so clean you can see every rock on the bottom. It was so refreshing! I hope our new house has a little creek near by!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You've got mail!

Remember when I won the caption contest over at Cooper and Lola's? Well my presents arrived today! It's the first time I've got a package addressed to me, I've gotten mail, but not a package. And there was a card... in a  hounds tooth pattern on the front.... so clever. BOL.

There were two bully springs chew treats, a red Martha Stewart crochet toy and a football tug rope.... oh yeah and a magazine for Mum.

I loved the red crochet toy ... but Mum says I can't play with it again until I poop out the tail and the little arm. I got a little intense... oops!

My favorite part though was the football tug. Mum took me outside to play with it and I played and played until I just couldn't play anymore! It was awesome!

Thank you so much Cooper and Lola for such an pawesome package!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

I was extra good to Mum this morning.... I let her sleep until 8:30! and then I whined and pouted until she finally got the hint and we headed to the park.

Mum was trying to be artistic... I don't get it either!

I knew she could use a walk to get her Sunday morning going. And she got a great shot of a great blue heron... you're welcome Mum!

We met another woman and her dog and got to chatting. While we were chatting we heard an ambulance go by and the siren was followed by a strange barking ....coyotes! A whole pack of them! Luckily they kept their distance. Mum says the coyotes here are smaller and more timid than the coyotes in Cape Breton , where she is from, but they still aren't something you want to run into on a walk.

After our walk I was still full of energy so Mum took me to the off-leash park to play. There were a handful of dogs there but they were all getting ready to leave so I only got to play with them for a few minutes. When they were all gone I thought it would be a perfect time to give Mum her present .... I sniffed out a $10 bill!

When we got home  took a super duper sleep. Rumor has it I am getting a bath tonight .... but I am hoping if I pretend to be sleeping it wont happen. Mum usually lives by the old adage of "Let sleeping dogs lie."....both literally and otherwise.

Well, have a good day everybody. Happy Mother's day to all the Moms .... especially my G-Ma and Nonna.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Birthday Part 2

I had a super duper birthday. Mum got to come home early, so we had a little extra time to hang out. We didn't do much 'cause I was still tired from yesterday (dog park in the morning, walk around the lake in the evening). But, I got a cool new t-shirt, that fit just right. Shirts for me are hard to find because my chest is so broad.... I'm a studly beast.

I got a new antler chew.

And my very own birthday cake!!!!

It was heart shaped with two layers of "Buffalo Liver Brownie", iced with chicken pate and topped with something called "treasured boogle".

Mum says the boogle looked like a piece of dark chocolate but definitely didn't smell like it. BOL.

Thanks Mum and Papa! And Thanks friends who sent Birthday wishes!

Happy Birthday to Me

It's my birthday and I'll bark if I want to .... Bark if I want to .... You would bark too if it was your birthday too!

I can't wait for my buffalo liver birthday cake! Mum says I can have it tonight at dinner time. She says there is another surprise for me too, and she dressed me in my brand new camo muscle shirt this morning! I look tough with all my muscles showin'

Have a good day everybody, I'll post my birthday pictures tomorrow!