Monday, May 31, 2010

Damn this weather!

Good Morning boys and girls, todays first question is: When will this rain end?! Tomorrow is June and yet it still feels like april. The weather has really taken a toll on my outings. We weren't able to go to the park this weekend (or most of last week) because of the rain. We have been staying close to home and walking around the neighborhood during the dry spells so we can dash back if the rain starts. It has meant though, that I have been going on a lot more car rides and playing fetch in the driveway. It breaks up the monotony of my day but its not the same as strutting my stuff along the walkway of town center park.
Saturday I mastered the art of telekinetics. I was so tired of the rain that I stared really hard at Mum's umbrella and just as she went to close it every spoke just popped! It was great ... Unfortunately it made our next walk a little less enjoyable... I obviously did not think ahead. I won't tell you what I did next with my new found talent....
I am also sad to report (oh who am I kidding I don't give a rat's...)we have had a death in the family. One of those fish I told you about last week kicked it suddenly yesterday. He was swimming around all fine and dandy then Mum cleaned his bowl and two hours later he was belly up. We still don't know how it happen, especially since the other one seems fine. Mum said a few words then flushed him, she said she felt like Rudy Huxtabul....but I have no idea what that means.
I think now I will go nap away this rainy monday morning. Someone please wake me when the sun manages to find its way home.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sleepy time

Hello my adoring public! This will be a short post since I don't have much to report.
Papa is home from one of his voyages... I didn't get a present..and both Mum an him are back in their work routine for another week. That suits me just fine.... I have the sniffles the last two days and would rather stay home and nap anyway.
Mum and I went for a long walk last night though and I did feel like a champ afterwards, and the weather has been so nice we have spent a lot of time just hanging out on the patio.
Ok, back to my napping, hopefully tonight we will head out and do something fun.
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Teddy Bear Picnic

Sometimes Mum says I look like a little teddy bear... but today we saw real bears and I am much more handsome...and snugly. No we didn't go to the zoo, we were out for our daily prowl in Mundy Park. I was off my leash  and having a good sniff in the grass when a woman came along and told Mum I should go on a leash just to be safe, because there were two black bears ahead on the trail. (She also said I was "pretty awesome"...just sayin'") We "proceeded with caution" and saw the  bears take a drink from the lake and then jump over a fence.
I told Mum before we left the house that she should bring our camera so she could take pictures of me...but she forgot it at home. She was awfully disappointed when we saw the bears and all she had to take photos with was her cell phone.

We had a pretty quiet walk in the woods, and it looks like this year there will be a bumper crop of blackberries...people said that's why the bears were out today, because there are berries around....I like the sounds of that....I'm not old enough to have tasted them before, but they look good and smell pretty good....and if they are good enough for bears they are good enough for me. I don't get to eat many thing my mum and dad eat but....I do get a pretty good variety of fruits and veggies...and I am thinking blackberries will be included in that. When my mum makes dinner I sit very patiently next to her. I am usually rewarded with some veggies to munch on. Cucumber and green peppers are my favorite. A few times they have tried to give me celery...yuk! Who eats that stuff! I also like apples, sometimes Mum and I sit together on the floor and share an apple...she always seems to get the bigger pieces though :(

So near the end of our walk we saw the bears again... This time they were swimming in the lake.... that's how I know bears are crazy...'cause they swim!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The She-Devil I call Mum

Well we went to the beach today to test out that new life jacket I was bragging about. I obviously did not fully understand what was going to happen with that. I thought it was a present but I know now it was some sort of punishment from my mum the she-devil.

Maybe I should explain from the beginning. I woke up early with the sun this morning. For some reason my mother did not want to join me, so I decided some reverse sneezing would get her attention (here's an example from youtube - you can see how this is an effective attention getter). She didn't appreciate this much since it was 5:30 AM but I think it may have helped me to later throw up a small rock I swallowed yesterday (I swallowed it because the only other option was to spit it out like I was told to do). After cleaning up after me, Mum tried to go back to bed but at this point I decided to suck up my pride and cry like a baby until she got out of bed. By 8:30 I had succeeded. Surprisingly, she was not her cheerful self. So after refusing to go out to pee, refusing to eat my breakfast, and refusing to play with my toys we got ready to go out. Mum took me to a grassy spot in front of the hose to pee and then we went for our drive. We stopped first at Mr. Pet, I thought maybe I would be getting a new present but no.....she had to buy plants for the stupid fish bowl. I let her know my dismay about this by peeing on the floor in the store..... this MAY have been where I mis-judged my power in this relationship. It was all down hill from here. This is when we went to the beach and she put that life jacket on me.

I don't understand why it's called a life jacket.... it scared the life out of me. She tricked me to walk into the water and then held me by the handle on my back so my feet couldn't touch the ground. I don't know how this swimming thing is done, but if it means being in the water and not being able to touch the ground... I want no part of it. That's just crazy talk. I realised while I was thrashing for my life that this must have been my punishment for my earlier behaviour. I was really good after this.... I believe the phrase is "Don't poke the bear".
When we got home I had a good nap, and after supper we went for a long walk. I continued to be on my best behaviour, I couldn't risk another swimming lesson. I must still have been being punished though....we walked in our own neighbourhood... not the park.

We have gone to the park 3 times this week. We saw some baby ducks and a swan that seems to be lost. I'll be glad when these ducks aren't so darn small. People seems to think they are cute and it's starting to take away some of my attention. I'll have none of that! It's bad enough that we now have two fish bowls that seem to get way to much attention.

In other news, since my last post I got a new own leash ... not a hand me down from dog's long gone, and Mum ordered me a custom made collar that is coming all the way from California (just like me!). I suppose considering these things maybe I should behave a little better tomorrow.....hahaha...oh I kill myself.
Time to go ....I think Mum might have some food.... I better go sit in front of her and cry or she'll think I don't love her anymore....bye for now!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All alone

I spent a lot of time alone today....which means I didn't get my daily dose of attention from strangers. My mum went to work and got stuck on the train for 2 hours on her way home. I was so excited when she finally got home, mostly because I wanted someone to change the channel on the TV, I joke... I wanted company and some dinner.
I did have visitors today though, our neighbours came to play with me and take me out for a pee. I love when they come over! They come visit when my mum or dad can't be here, they are really nice to us.
After dinner we went to the dog park...I was the only dog there :( So we played fetch for a while with my soccer ball. It was kind of cool today so I could run a lot without getting too warm.
My good behavior was "rewarded" with a warm bath when we got home. I was pretty dirty, my white spots were not so white anymore. I still hate the bath tub though....who wants to be clean anyway... and I really hate being lifted into the tub!
Well that's all for today. I think it's time for bed...good night John Boy.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A lazy Sunday

Well yesterday was a bit of a bust. Literally! I know now why I can't drink seawater…..I interrupted Coronation St by hurling on the dining room floor! I felt pretty good afterward though, and spent most of the day in relative peace laying in the sunshine on the patio with my ball. I was periodically interrupted for such nonsense as walks and food.
I got a present yesterday too. My fur-less parental figures bought me a life jacket. Now before all you anti-dogs-in-clothing people get worked up….or before you think Dog's don't need life jackets they can all swim…… This is seriously exciting for me so DON'T RUIN IT!  You may not understand this but…. I'm a beast. I have big broad shoulders a big broad head, and a cute tiny little butt. And while my herculean physique gets a lot of attention, it's not so good for swimming. My chest rides low in the water and my bum floats up. This pushes my face in the water and makes it a wee bit hard for me to breathe (and isn't very dignified).  Despite this, I love the water! Mum and I are planning a trip to the lake sometime this week to test it out. The best part is though, I look really cool in it….and I know it.
Well that's all for now…. I think Judge Judy is on so I gotta go. I like when she says things like "Don't piss on my leg and tell me its raining." I once pissed on backpack and blamed it on a golden retriever (haha sucker!) but that's another story for another time….

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Trip to White Rock

Big day today everybody! Big day!
We went to White Rock for the afternoon. I had so much fun splashing in the water!
I was a little worried when we got in the car, it smelled like a trip to the vet, but when we passed the vet and kept on going I knew something good was happening. Once we got there, I had to wait around for what seemed like forever though so Mum and Papa could have fish and chips at Moby Dick's.... and they didnt even give me any...whats up with that? I got over it though 'casue I got a lot of attention waiting on the side walk with mum. People love me, and can you blame them! I met lots of kids and some grown-ups and LOTS of girls. Papa says I am a chick magnet...not sure what that means but I'm sure its a good thing.
Afterwards we FINALLY went to the beach. Wow was that fun. It took me a little while to figure out that I couldnt drink the water but I got the hang of it! It didn't taste like the lakes I'm used to and it was a little murkey in places. I'm a west coast boy but this was my first time in the ocean.
We walked around on the sand for a while, and I met a few other dogs, like an American Bulldog. She seemed pretty high maintenance though...she was carrying a back pack...what do women carry in those things?!
 Those who shall not be named got ice cream before we left...Ice cream! and did I get any? Noooooo. All I got was a bowl of water, who wants plain old water. YUK! The walking around really tired me out though. I had one heck of a nap on the way home.
The nap also continued on the patio at home, and then in the kitchen, and then in the living room. I felt pretty good afterwards though, and then I had some dinner.

Well I guess we'll have to wait and see what tomorrow bring. If it's good I'll let you know. All this typing has tired me out again.... I think I need a nap....sweet dreams. Peace out home slices!

Friday, May 14, 2010

My First Post

Hi Everyone, this is my first post, I know you are all as excited as I am. It is also Friday, that makes today even better. I know you are probably thinking.....why does he care if it's Friday - he's a dog! Well I care! I care because starting at 5pm I will have my mum's full attention for the whole weekend, and we do weekends pretty big! I play big, I nap big, and if only mum would let me..I'd hump big....did you see the legs on that Great Dane...hello "Lady"...OK sorry I got carried away.
Yesterday we broke from the usual mid-week walk routine and went to the off-leash dog park. What a howl, I had so much pent up energy and it was just what I needed. I love that place but seriously...Mr. Ducktoller Cross, you need to go. I don't know what this guys problem was, he insisted on trying to flip me over and would not share that stick. Maybe he just needed a challenge.... he did seem pretty bored. But HELLO...I'm built like a's not going to happen pal.
This morning my old man took me to the vet. I love car rides! I feel like Miss Daisey, all strapped in and propelled into my future by my very own driver. I sit in the back with my favorite toy (which of course changes daily), windows crack just enough for my comfort . I don't mind the vet either, the girls at reception know me by name, they announce my presence when I come in the door and they give me belly rubs, treats. Good times indeed! Good news ear infection is gone and I don't need to go back and I met one of my own there this morning too. Poor kid was goin' under the knife.... something about removing some stones..I don't know I blacked out as soon as he mentioned it.
Well kids, it's been fun, but I gotta go. Car rides really tire me out and there is a pillow bed calling my name.

This is me last week on a walk.....why does that woman insist on going out so early....