Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So maybe being a good boy isn't so bad after all? I am always a good boy, but this week I've been especially well behaved, and I seem to be reaping the benefits.
First, I haven't been put in the kitchen this week when Mum left for work. Normally that's where I go while she is away and Papa is still sleeping, but this week I was so good I got a chance to stay out and sleep a little longer on my bed. This morning I even let Papa sleep late before I woke him up. (Alarm clocks have nothing on a solitary pair of puppy dog eyes staring at your soul. I don't even have to make noise. )
Second, we got to play fetch off-leash in the driveway. I love to chase the ball, and I can do the cutest deer pounce you have ever seen! Mum walks to the end of the driveway and throws my ball way up on the grass. I get a pretty good pedicure on the concrete, I get to jump in the grass, and I get to chase something....its the best game ever!
I have been off my dinner schedule though, so the parental units have been pretty stingy with the treats. It's not fair! I love my parmesan Fromm Cookies, but Mum says I am not getting anything until I start eating my dinner :(
I heard something about a holiday this week too.... I think my Mum has thursday off work, and that can mean only one thing.....we're goin' to the park!! Oh yeah!! I'll post pictures for sure!
Peace out!
(PS this is a picture of me last night when Mum interrupted my football time. )

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