Saturday, June 12, 2010

"Finn" de semaine

Salute, Bonjour, Weekend! The weekend is here and it's too hot for me to go out and play :( The weather here has gone from crap to fabulous litterally over night....Unfortunitly, bulldogs like me need it to be somewhere in between. I have spent a fair bit of time laying in the sun though, and its been a good day for me. Look at this picture of me in the sun...I look like an angel....a furry, handsom, beast of an angel.

Mum and I started the day early. We had a little togeather time on the patio... she had a cappucino and I had my bone. The breakfast of champions if you ask us!  It was still a little chilly outside though so once her coffee was done we came inside and had a snuggle and watched some tv.

Then Mum went out without me... I hate when she goes out without me.....especially when Papa is asleep and I have no one to play with.  But she came back with some shopping bags and in one she brought me a jacket for the fall. I have to say... hunter green really is my colour!
And then the cleaning started.... I thought it was probably best if I just waited outside until that was done....or else I might get cleaned too. (Once was enough this week, thank you very much!) So I took my football and headed outside. I was probably out there for a good hour before Zio Sam showed up. It was fine at first but I got kinda scared when Sam and Papa left and they took my blanket and my bed with them. I  figured that couldn't be good....and I was even more worried when they came back without it!

All turned out well though, after Sam went home Mum and Papa went out too, and when they came home they brought me a brand new bed and a new blanket. They said my old bed was gross (how rude!) cause it was my puppy bed, and I had also ripped it a couple times ( when I was little-er of course), so this is my "big boy" bed! Big Boy is what Papa calls me....cause I'm big.  See the picture of me checking it out?

Well thats all for now, I think I'll go play in the's nice and cool in there. I can't play to hard though, I have to save some energy for our walk tonight, once it cools down.

Adios Amigos

(See what I did there.... I used French, Spanish and English all in one post....'Cause I'm a Cali boy living in Canada, so that's how I role these days)

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