Friday, June 25, 2010

My first Bar-B-Q

OMD everyone! I went to my first barbecue yesterday. Mum and Papa barbecue everyday, but that doesn't count... This was a party!

My Papa's friend is moving away so we went to her party. There were lots of people and a little people too. I even got to get dressed up, I wore my Harley Davidson collar, and I looked really cool. It was the best day ever. I got to be off my leash almost the whole night, and had so many belly rubs, people were constantly calling my name, and I got my very first bone (real bone not toy bone, I have tons of those :))and I got to play soccer with a whole bunch of people.
Mum shared her sausage with me and her veggies too. People were surprised I like to eat cauliflower... I don't know why? Yum! I had some hamburger too!
Another dog named Lucy was there too, but we weren't allowed to play. Her mommy carried her everywhere and she barked if I came close. So rude! I just wanted a sniff! She was a pretty little chihuahua.
We stayed really late, why past my sleepy time, so I took a nap in the grass...its way more comfortable than the patio. Who knew!
Tonight I will be back to kibble for dinner, but at least it's chicken! Mum and Papa switched me from puppy food to big boy food, and they bought lamb! Gross!!! I would not eat it! Mum tried some and she agreed it just too lamby. So Papa brought it back to the store and got me chicken instead. He gave me a scoop when he got home from the store and I gobbled it all up... I was a hungry boy!

Well Mum should be home any minute so I better get ready for our walk.
Over and Out!
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