Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!!!

What a fun day today people.....I hope you all went out and did something to celebrate!
Mum and I celebrated Canada Day by going to Town Center Park. Papa couldn't come with us because he had to work, but we got to see him working at the park. I wore a red bandanna, and looked particularly cute!

I met another bully, and we got to wrestle. It was really fun, even better than last night when we went to the dog park and I got to play with like 6 other dogs. This bully's name was Jackson and he weighed 75 lbs.  He actually made me look little, and he was solid muscle.

There was lots happening in the park today. There were craft stations, food tents, two stages with performers, people giving away trees and even canoe rides! There were lots of dogs, and lots of kids. And even some guy dressed like a giant bird....I don't know what that was about!

Mum and I walked around for a while, we got a drink, and some food and Mum even let me have a finger full of icecream! I never get people food.....she wouldn't share her cannelloni though. :(

By the time we got home I was REALLY tired! I tried to convince Mum to carry me to the house but she wouldn't do it. So I tried to take a nap in the drive way...she wouldn't go for that either! So I had to walk to the house on my own.

Ok nap time for me. Check ya go wave a flag or something.

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