Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sunny days are here at last.

Wow did I sleep well last night. So well in fact that when Mum got out of the shower this morning I was still asleep in the same place she had left me the night before.
We went to the dog park last night so I could run around. We took my soccer ball, and I was beat by the time we got home....not that I would admit to it. I also got to stomp in a lot of mud. I was pretty dirty when we left. Its a good thing we have a seat cover in the car, I think Papa would have made me walk home otherwise. He obviously does not know the joy of mud between your toes! Mum hosed me down and lathered me up on the step when we got home. I'm not sure how I feel about this. On one hand I didn't have to lifted in and out of the tub, but on the other....I had to get a bath.
The weekend was alright too, we went on a couple good walks. I met some girls (hi Daisy) and we met some very precocious kids who told Mum they were Dog walkers. Mum assured me they wouldn't be walking this dog.
We also dropped the car off at Papa's work and walked home one night. I know I have told you I am a chick magnet...but I think I am a magnet in general. One guy actually rolled down his window and told Mum I was a sweet dog and asked if we needed a ride anywhere. I took control of the situation said "Dude, that's my mother, and this is my walk, so back off ok. Oh and thanks for the compliment, I am pretty sweet"
Next we encountered a man who was obviously a time traveler because he said "That's a mighty fine lookin dog you got there. " Good to know they had good taste in what ever decade he came from, and also kind of funny since my full name is DK's Mighty Finn. (Get it? Mighty Finn...Mighty Fine...I crack myself up.
Well gotta go, its a sunny day for a change (the second in a row) and I think I'll spend most of it laying on the patio.
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