Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And the mystery deepens!

Another one bites the dust. The second fish is MIA, and although I am the leading suspect there is nothing to pin it on me.
You see, yesterday upon returning home from work Mum went to check on the second fish only to see that it was gone....Vanished. Papa was her first suspect, she questioned him on the whereabouts of the fish to which he answered .... "It's in the bowl where else would it be!" He even went so far as to pull out the net and do some digging. No fishy! He plead ignorance in the matter.
Then all eyes turned to me...the only problem with that theory is that although I have motive (I hate the attention grabbing little swimmers), I do not have means (I am not tall enough to reach the bowl) and there were no signs of foul play.
The case against me hinges on the fact that I hurled on the kitchen floor yesterday morning at about 5 am. No one paid any attention to the contents and all was put out with the trash. The fish was last seen alive at 10:38pm the night before.
The theory is that the fish who was jumpy anyhow, leaped from the bowl with an apparent suicide mission. Upon noticing floppy fish on the floor, I gobbled it up only to have it continue the acrobatics in my tummy. This caused me to retch up the awful creature effectively ending its short life.
I can neither confirm nor deny the accusations against me, although I can say this may be the perfect crime.
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