Monday, May 31, 2010

Damn this weather!

Good Morning boys and girls, todays first question is: When will this rain end?! Tomorrow is June and yet it still feels like april. The weather has really taken a toll on my outings. We weren't able to go to the park this weekend (or most of last week) because of the rain. We have been staying close to home and walking around the neighborhood during the dry spells so we can dash back if the rain starts. It has meant though, that I have been going on a lot more car rides and playing fetch in the driveway. It breaks up the monotony of my day but its not the same as strutting my stuff along the walkway of town center park.
Saturday I mastered the art of telekinetics. I was so tired of the rain that I stared really hard at Mum's umbrella and just as she went to close it every spoke just popped! It was great ... Unfortunately it made our next walk a little less enjoyable... I obviously did not think ahead. I won't tell you what I did next with my new found talent....
I am also sad to report (oh who am I kidding I don't give a rat's...)we have had a death in the family. One of those fish I told you about last week kicked it suddenly yesterday. He was swimming around all fine and dandy then Mum cleaned his bowl and two hours later he was belly up. We still don't know how it happen, especially since the other one seems fine. Mum said a few words then flushed him, she said she felt like Rudy Huxtabul....but I have no idea what that means.
I think now I will go nap away this rainy monday morning. Someone please wake me when the sun manages to find its way home.
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