Thursday, December 2, 2010


So the snow is long gone but the rain has really put a damper ( ha - damp!) on my social life.
Also, day light savings time seems more like no day light time. It's enough to make me depressed.
Mum and I went for a walk at Mundy Park on saturday. It was kind of eerie! There were cars in the parking lot but we didn't see a single soul ... Furry or otherwise. But we did hear birds we've never heard before. The trails were sloppy and muddy, and Mum's feet got cold and wet. It was kind of like that movie The Mist, except we found our way back to the car and went home where it was warm and cozy ... but otherwise ... just like The Mist!
On the up side both my Mum and Papa have been home the last couple nights. We all sit together and watch tv. Mum makes some pretty funny sounds when we watch Glee! And we play fetch in the living room. My favorite maneuver is when I run across the room, bunny hop onto my bed, slide across the floor on the bed, and grab my bone. It's a tough trick, it not only takes extreme athletisism ... which I have ... but also, impeccable comedic timing .... which I also have!
Last night, Mum and Papa went on an outing and came back with food ... But they called it groceries. I stayed home and protected the house, and then I helped bring the groceries from the car. I'm a great help. I don't carry much, but I keep Mum company.
Well back to my nap. I hear the weekend is coming ... Hopefully that means something exciting.

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