Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Old Navy hates dogs, but G-Ma doesn't!

We got a delivery last night!! It was a very special delivery from my Nanny in Cape Breton! She sent us a big box of presents for Christmas and there was presents for me!
One present is wrapped and under the tree but the other, was this Christmas t-shirt. It fits me so well, and I look so handsome in it (as always).

Mum tried to find me a Christmas t-shirt at Old Navy but they don't sell dog stuff anymore. Good thing G-Ma surprised us with this one or I'd have nothing to wear on Christmas morning!
I also got some mail! I got a Christmas card addressed especially to me from my Auntie Dawn and Uncle Adam. I felt so special!

Oh the package also had a new Christmas stocking for my Papa. G-Ma made it for him special. Here's a picture, it's totally staged, I am never allowed on the coach!
Ok, time to go play!
Thank you Nanny!

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  1. You're lucky to have such a thoughtful Nanny, Aunt and Uncle! I've got great grandparents too!