Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear God what is that thing!?!

So it's Christmas again .... Apparently it happens every year, and I am good with that. I made out pretty well last year, and I have my suspicions I'll do better this year. I know Mum has smuggled at least one thing into the house and she says G-Ma is sending me a package with two presents... That's right TWO!!
What I don't get, is this Christmas "Tree". Sure, it looked like a tree after Mum put it together and before she covered it in those shiny balls. But it doesn't smell like a tree and I am not allowed to pee on it like a real tree, and I can't play with the balls, so really ... what is the point?
Mum was busy with the tree last night and also had a friend come over, so I was kind of neglected. But, I was a good boy (most of the time) and only sniffed her friends toes a few times... Just to figure out who she was. She seemed nice enough, and I thought Mum would be safe with her, so I went and played with my ball while they visited.
Papa got home from his work very early this morning, and doesn't have to go back for a few days. I am hoping that means fun times ahead.
He is still sleeping, and Mum is gone to where ever it is she goes everyday (I think it's "work" too, but its not the same place Papa goes and I have never seen it, so I'm not sure). So I think I will rest up and be ready for a good game of fetch when he gets up. Have a good day everybody!

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