Sunday, December 5, 2010

We saw Big Bird!

Mum and I went bird watching yesterday..not on Sesame Street... at Colonie Farm!! We saw our favorite big bird .. two of them actually.....Great Blue Herons! Herons fly like pterodactyls and make a horrible noise.... but they look so handsome standing in the water.

We saw a few other dogs on our walk, and lots of ducks ... luckily we didn't see the park's newest resident ...

Yup... a cougar! Mum says he would eat us both for lunch but I think I could take him!

It was a cold and frosty day and it looked really pretty, but I was happy to get back in the car where it was nice and warm.
Mum went out without me yesterday...twice...not that I am counting.... and I didn't get locked on the kitchen! I was FREEEEEEE!  I was a very good boy, and got to stay out when they went out today too!

This afternoon we went for a walk around the neighborhood and we met my people friend Cathy. Cathy loves me and always comes to play when she sees me. She is a foster Mom to a rottweiler. He has been with them for 7 months and they have decided to adopt  him. I think it will be a great  forever home for him.

I was a little tired when we got home so I took a nap, with my favorite toy.
I think now it's time for supper....gotta go!

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