Thursday, November 25, 2010

Outside? No, I'm good thanks!

So the picture I am showing you is Mum's view of our street from her bus stop this morning. As you can see, some of that snow stuff fell over night, and keeps falling!
I am still a little confused by snow. I mean, what is it? Frozen weather? It's weird.
I should probably mention, that Mum says in most places in Canada snow is pretty normal ... But we don't live in most places! We live in British Columbia, near Vancouver ... Last year on Christmas day it was 10 degrees C. And even though this is my second winter, it's my first "how's your father" with snow! And I am feeling a little bit like Sam McGee ... Except I'm from California.
Moments before that picture was taken I had the misfortune of having to go outside for a pee. I did it quickly and ran back inside. First of all, it was cold! Especially after just getting out of my warm cozy bed. But the real issue about snow is .... I don't trust it! I don't know what's hiding underneath it!
Anyway, I am back inside now snuggled on my blankie, next to the heater. A bulldogs winter paradise really.
I'm gonna take a nap and dream of summer days in the Coquitlam River. As they say in the Great White North ... Keep your stick on the ice!

... Awww... ZzzzzZzzzzz.

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