Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm Back

Wow, its been so long since I had a post.... I hope you are all still checking!

Mum and I went to the dog park this morning, and it was soooo fun. I met a little French girl named Violet, she was only eight months old, and when she ran she looked like a like rabbit....or maybe like a frog.... hahaha...I kill me! Mum always says that when we have a yard I can get a little frenchie sister, and if she is like Violet that would be awesome. We chased each other around and hopped over each other, and I shared my water with her. I was a real gentleman and let her drink first. Her Mom and Dad really loved me too. They said they want  a bulldog just like me... and they recognized my exceptional facial features and physique.

Violet's Mom says there is a frenchie meet-up happening at the same park next Sunday. My mum says we might go. We try to get to the English Bulldog meet-ups but they are always so far away! Violet told me that last week they had a Halloween meet-up at that park and they all wore costumes....and we missed it...thanks Mum!

I didn't get to go to football last night because it was raining. I had to stay home and hold down the fort! It's been raining for a few days :( Mum tried to take me for a walk a few minutes ago but I made it very clear I was not into that. So we just went outside and had a pee and then ran back inside. Papa washed my blankie and my bed tonight too, so I think I might just hunker down it for the night.

Well thats my news for now. Toot-a-loo

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