Friday, November 19, 2010

Operation Guilt

My parents suck! and so has my week... and I say that with love.
See, I had to stay home two days this week while they went to work ..Thats right 2... sure Mum leaves the radio on for me, and Papa comes to check on me.... but they left me! The first day they came home for only a short time and went out again!
I was pretty upset with them when they got home, and Mum knew it. She convinced Papa to let me sleep in the big bed. I was psyched ... I have only been in the big bed twice .... and only to keep Mum company when she was feeling sick. When Mum asked if I wanted to sleep in the bed I was so excited, I tried to climb in on my own.... not easy for a guy like me. It was great at first, but after 10 minutes I had had enough of Papa's growling, so I decided to leave. But I still wasn't content, so I did all I could do ....I cried ... yup, works like a charm every time. I sat outside the bedroom door and really started to wail. It worked! Mum ended up coming out in the living room with me.(Sucker) And we were pretty warm and comfy on the floor until about 2:30am when I decided to go to MY bed. That was Wednesday. By Thursday evening Mum was like putty in my paws, we snuggled, we played, she gave me carrots while she made dinner, and we shared an apple for dessert.
Tonight, Mum was late getting home, she had some excuse about going to the bank .... I have been to the bank ... and I didn't like ... there are funny machines that make noise, doors that move on their own, and slippery floors. Why would anyone choose to go there instead of coming home to me? She obviously has not learned her lesson, so I am keeping a low profile tonight. I have kept my distance, taken quite a few naps and let out a lot of sighs I good or what!
Tomorrow is Saturday, I'll keep you posted what we get up too.... if she has learned anything this week it will be a good day.

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