Sunday, November 14, 2010

Je suis Robo Dog!

I am beat! Mum had a four day weekend and we have been so busy!
We went to Mundy park 3 times! On Thursday  I played with some retrievers, they were fun I guess, but all they do is run after balls and bring them back.... when I tried to wrestle they would just lay down and ignore me. BORING! I mean, come on! There was a Boston there too, she was awesome but didn't stay long.

After playing in the dog park Mum and I walked the trails. I didn't have to wear my leash and I was really good .... most of the time. On the first day I got a little excited and ran too far ahead of Mum. When she snagged me she was not pleased and we walked straight to the car and came home ..... I did not make that mistake again! Some people think I have Mum wrapped around my paw, but when she gets mad she's like a pitbull.

Friday night we went to town center park, we walked the perimeter of the park, and I was zonked. We met a few other dogs, and watched some soccer. I don't know why they wont let me play. I got skills!

Today was the biggest day of all! We went to the park this morning early and there was a French Bulldog Meet-up. They were on the small dog side, so Mum and I went on the big dog side. I was getting pretty bored with the retrievers so Mum asked if I could play with the Frenchies. They  said they would love for me to come play with them. I had sooooo much fun! Those Frenchie know how to play! We chased each other, wrestled, and I impressed everyone when I jumped right over one of the other dogs. I cleared the bitch like Perdita Felicien!

I was really dirty when we got home! It was a really sloppy day. Mum gave me a bath when we got home. I told her we didn't need to post bath tub pictures but she said "But you look so cute". That's moms for ya.... no concern at all for our street cred!

To top off the day we went to the local shelter where I got chipped! Yup they implanted a tiny micro chip in me! Cool huh? Now if I get lost all they have to do is scan my cat and it will tell them how to get me home. I'm like a cyborg dog, half dog half machine..... ok maybe not half and half but you get the picture.

So I bet that was more than most dogs did this weekend! I'm gonna need a few days to recover.

I think I'll start recovering right now... time for bed!
Later chi -wa -was.

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