Saturday, May 15, 2010

Trip to White Rock

Big day today everybody! Big day!
We went to White Rock for the afternoon. I had so much fun splashing in the water!
I was a little worried when we got in the car, it smelled like a trip to the vet, but when we passed the vet and kept on going I knew something good was happening. Once we got there, I had to wait around for what seemed like forever though so Mum and Papa could have fish and chips at Moby Dick's.... and they didnt even give me any...whats up with that? I got over it though 'casue I got a lot of attention waiting on the side walk with mum. People love me, and can you blame them! I met lots of kids and some grown-ups and LOTS of girls. Papa says I am a chick magnet...not sure what that means but I'm sure its a good thing.
Afterwards we FINALLY went to the beach. Wow was that fun. It took me a little while to figure out that I couldnt drink the water but I got the hang of it! It didn't taste like the lakes I'm used to and it was a little murkey in places. I'm a west coast boy but this was my first time in the ocean.
We walked around on the sand for a while, and I met a few other dogs, like an American Bulldog. She seemed pretty high maintenance though...she was carrying a back pack...what do women carry in those things?!
 Those who shall not be named got ice cream before we left...Ice cream! and did I get any? Noooooo. All I got was a bowl of water, who wants plain old water. YUK! The walking around really tired me out though. I had one heck of a nap on the way home.
The nap also continued on the patio at home, and then in the kitchen, and then in the living room. I felt pretty good afterwards though, and then I had some dinner.

Well I guess we'll have to wait and see what tomorrow bring. If it's good I'll let you know. All this typing has tired me out again.... I think I need a nap....sweet dreams. Peace out home slices!

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