Sunday, May 23, 2010

Teddy Bear Picnic

Sometimes Mum says I look like a little teddy bear... but today we saw real bears and I am much more handsome...and snugly. No we didn't go to the zoo, we were out for our daily prowl in Mundy Park. I was off my leash  and having a good sniff in the grass when a woman came along and told Mum I should go on a leash just to be safe, because there were two black bears ahead on the trail. (She also said I was "pretty awesome"...just sayin'") We "proceeded with caution" and saw the  bears take a drink from the lake and then jump over a fence.
I told Mum before we left the house that she should bring our camera so she could take pictures of me...but she forgot it at home. She was awfully disappointed when we saw the bears and all she had to take photos with was her cell phone.

We had a pretty quiet walk in the woods, and it looks like this year there will be a bumper crop of blackberries...people said that's why the bears were out today, because there are berries around....I like the sounds of that....I'm not old enough to have tasted them before, but they look good and smell pretty good....and if they are good enough for bears they are good enough for me. I don't get to eat many thing my mum and dad eat but....I do get a pretty good variety of fruits and veggies...and I am thinking blackberries will be included in that. When my mum makes dinner I sit very patiently next to her. I am usually rewarded with some veggies to munch on. Cucumber and green peppers are my favorite. A few times they have tried to give me celery...yuk! Who eats that stuff! I also like apples, sometimes Mum and I sit together on the floor and share an apple...she always seems to get the bigger pieces though :(

So near the end of our walk we saw the bears again... This time they were swimming in the lake.... that's how I know bears are crazy...'cause they swim!

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