Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All alone

I spent a lot of time alone today....which means I didn't get my daily dose of attention from strangers. My mum went to work and got stuck on the train for 2 hours on her way home. I was so excited when she finally got home, mostly because I wanted someone to change the channel on the TV, I joke... I wanted company and some dinner.
I did have visitors today though, our neighbours came to play with me and take me out for a pee. I love when they come over! They come visit when my mum or dad can't be here, they are really nice to us.
After dinner we went to the dog park...I was the only dog there :( So we played fetch for a while with my soccer ball. It was kind of cool today so I could run a lot without getting too warm.
My good behavior was "rewarded" with a warm bath when we got home. I was pretty dirty, my white spots were not so white anymore. I still hate the bath tub though....who wants to be clean anyway... and I really hate being lifted into the tub!
Well that's all for today. I think it's time for bed...good night John Boy.

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