Friday, May 14, 2010

My First Post

Hi Everyone, this is my first post, I know you are all as excited as I am. It is also Friday, that makes today even better. I know you are probably thinking.....why does he care if it's Friday - he's a dog! Well I care! I care because starting at 5pm I will have my mum's full attention for the whole weekend, and we do weekends pretty big! I play big, I nap big, and if only mum would let me..I'd hump big....did you see the legs on that Great Dane...hello "Lady"...OK sorry I got carried away.
Yesterday we broke from the usual mid-week walk routine and went to the off-leash dog park. What a howl, I had so much pent up energy and it was just what I needed. I love that place but seriously...Mr. Ducktoller Cross, you need to go. I don't know what this guys problem was, he insisted on trying to flip me over and would not share that stick. Maybe he just needed a challenge.... he did seem pretty bored. But HELLO...I'm built like a's not going to happen pal.
This morning my old man took me to the vet. I love car rides! I feel like Miss Daisey, all strapped in and propelled into my future by my very own driver. I sit in the back with my favorite toy (which of course changes daily), windows crack just enough for my comfort . I don't mind the vet either, the girls at reception know me by name, they announce my presence when I come in the door and they give me belly rubs, treats. Good times indeed! Good news ear infection is gone and I don't need to go back and I met one of my own there this morning too. Poor kid was goin' under the knife.... something about removing some stones..I don't know I blacked out as soon as he mentioned it.
Well kids, it's been fun, but I gotta go. Car rides really tire me out and there is a pillow bed calling my name.

This is me last week on a walk.....why does that woman insist on going out so early....

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