Saturday, February 19, 2011


Mum took some very cute pictures of me yesterday. She has been trying to get the elusive face lick picture.

Look how long my tongue is.... Awwwww!

Help! My tongue is attacking my face!
We went to the park this morning and I got to play with Pit Bull terriers. Their names were Mia and Tucker, they were brother and sister ( litter mates) they were such nice dogs. They were perfect examples of how good pit bulls can be with the right training and socialization. Mia is a sassy little girl and uses her paws like a boxer when she wants to play. Tucker was a little shy, he was a quiet guy who stayed close to his Mum and had a happy friendly sort of prance. We had so much fun playing and chasing each other.

I have been napping since we came home. Papa says tonight I am getting a special treat for dinner...wet food!... with Bison! Mmmmm..

Have a good weekend friends!


  1. Wow,you can touch your tongue to your nose!

    Your pal, Pip

  2. You have an acrobatic tongue, too! Mom is always catching embarrassing shots of my tongue, but fortunately, she doesn't post most of them!


  3. Bison?! Wow! Never had that before. Does it taste like chicken? ;)

    Enjoy my furiend,

  4. Hi Finn

    There's a special surprise for you on my blog today.

    Love and licks from your number one fan - Winnie