Sunday, February 27, 2011

The attack of the snowfluffies!

Holy Moley Guys! We got so much snow last night!

Come on, let's go explore!

The snow fluffies I told you about yesterday continued through the night, and we got one of, if not the biggest dumpings of snow my Mum has seen since moving to BC!

We were surprised when we opened the door this morning and saw that about 8 inches had fallen. This is ALOT! of snow in our neck of the woods. There were some places that were up to my belly.... Brrrr.

Mum teased me with magic snow balls. She would throw them and then they disappeared as soon as they hit the ground.
Our street covered in snow ... it's never this quiet!

Snow is so much fun! But I think I need my sweater next time .... my belly was super duper cold!


  1. Oh my goodness Finn, where is your jacket and boots?
    Benny & Lily

  2. That's some serious snow, Finn my friend.

    You wrap up warm and take care.

    Love and licks, Winnie x

  3. I got a bunch of snow too this past Friday. I woke up to it and had to drive to school in it. It was awful because I haven't had to drive long distances in the snow in a long time and I fishtailed a couple of times. Fortunately I made it to school just fine. Then when I came home, most of it had melted, thank goodness!

    Keep warm, Finn!

  4. You are so lucky, Finn! Have fun playing in your snow and absolutely don't forget your sweater!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch