Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In the proverbial dog house!

So, if I had a dog house, and if I was allowed outside without supervision .... I'd be in the dog house.... For a long time!
I was kinda bored this morning, and Mum was at work and Papa was still sleeping ..... So I went through Mum's purse....she only takes her wallet to work.... And Papa thought I might have eaten a tylenol.
Papa called the vet, and they said if he's sure it was just one (it was a blister pack, so he was) that he should just keep an eye on me and I should be fine. Luckily Mum could confirm that one of the capsules was already gone. So there was no chance that I had eaten one after all. I also chewed some of the make-up cases. And the leather tag on Mum's purse.
Mum is not happy! I have been pulling things off chairs a little too often lately. The purse also just happens to be her favorite ( a leather zippered tote from Coach).
Wish me luck folks.... I've poked the bear!


  1. We don't see anything wrong with eating or going through mom's purse. Anything in our reach is ours right? What was mom thinking! Wonder if her wallet is tasty. Anyway glad you didn't take any drugs
    Benny & Lily

  2. Tell your mom to come to my house if she wants to be mad. I came home yesterday to find the sofa arm chewed to the bone! Minnie was very bad.

  3. I have not chewed a purse before but last week for the first time ever I ate part of a shoe (and I'm almost five) so my Mom was mad at me too (but then she gave me a hug).

  4. Ohhh Finn sounds like something Lola would do. I have a feeling you won't be in the dog house for long. Mom's and Dad's can't stay mad for very long. It's power of the wrinkles I think!!

  5. Wow, glad to know I am not alone in this!
    Chopper, my Mum would be equally upset about a pair of shoes ... shoes and purses Mum's second and third favorite things (Papa and I are "tied" for first. Pshhh as if!). And poor Minnie .. I bet she was in big trouble! Good thing Mum's love us too much to stay mad.
    Benny and Lily ... crack is wack!

  6. Our mom gets kinda grouchy when we even sniff hers! Thank doG your mom doesn't keep gum in there!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch