Saturday, February 5, 2011

My return to the park!

So I went back to the dog park today! It was my first time since my accident.
Mum has been hesitant to take me to the dog park, but I convinced her that I need it. We don't have a yard to play in and walks alone are not enough. Mum said if we are going to go the dog park we are going to have to be more careful. We went nice and early, and to a park that is not very busy, in hopes it would be empty, or at very least only have one or two dogs.
Come on Mum, throw the ball already!

I was the only dog at the park, and it was so much fun. It was super muddy, which is always fun, and I brought my ball. Mum and I played fetch for about an hour. When Mum said it was time to go I tried to run away from her .... she wasn't impressed.

I was pretty dirty when we got home and Mum said I had to have a bath. Ewww!
What ch'yu talkin' 'bout woman, I don't need no bath!

Mum bathes me with a mixture of J&J baby shampoo and a splash of iodine. My vet recommended it. The iodine is a disinfectant and is good for my skin and the baby shampoo makes me smell really good and makes my fur really soft. Even Papa commented on how good I smelled when we picked him up from work.

After all of that I needed a nap. While I was napping Mum made me a "Potty Bell". I am going to spend a couple weeks at my grandparents house in September and Mum wants to make sure I don't have any accidents. I'm a pretty quiet guy and usually just stand at the door when I need to go out. Mum says at their house no one will see me at the door so she wants to make sure they hear me.

Well peeps....and pups, I gotta go. Time for Mum and I to watch SNL and have a snuggle.



  1. You are pretty brave to go back there! Well done Finn..


  2. Glad to hear that you went back to the dog park, and that you had fun! That potty bell is a good idea. Oscar just stands at the door too - I think I'll get a potty bell for him too, and teach him how to use it!

  3. Glad you had a fun day at the park Finn. Nothin better that playin ball in the mud :D

    Waggin at ya,