Friday, July 9, 2010

Now the bells ring...oh wait that's Christmas

Oh My Dogs, you guys! Guess what happened yesterday....I got to help Papa with a really big surprise for Mum. Not just Golden Retriever big but like Great Dane big!
We practiced until I knew my part down pat. Then we waited for Mum to get home from work. When she got home and flopped on the couch, Papa tied a REALLY sparkley ring on a ribbon and put it on my neck, and when he gave me the signal (He told me to bring Mummy her present) I ran over and jumped on top of her. She was super duper surprised. Then Papa asked her if she would marry him....and she said YES!!
Oh I am the luckiest pupper dog ever! No longer will I be an illegitimate puppy, and I might get to wear a tuxedo!! I have already proven my skills as ring bearer!

Oh, oh, and do you know what else! My Mum sent the picture of me in my new collar to the California Collar Co. and they put my picture on their website and said I was "ridiculously cute". We already knew that but its fun when other people recognize it too!

All this excitement has really worn me out. Excuse me while I go nap in front of my fan. Toot-a-loo!
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