Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oh the horror!

I don't even know where to begin! Mum took me to the vet today and I got way more than I bargained for!

I was supposed to just get my booster shots updated, but I got a FULL check-up. That's right they took my temperature...and not in the ear. Then they checked something called my prostate....that wasn't in my ear either. Then the vet gave me something called a douche..and we wont even go there. I was horrified.  She said though that I looked really good and my hart and lungs sound good too.
The cool part about the whole thing though is that my doctor was a bulldog too...a Georgia Bulldog. She is a new doctor at my vet clinic so this was the first time we met her. She was really nice and really friendly and she knew Uga!....Uga V to be more precise.  She was pretty excited to meet me, and she said I was very cute and very sweet and very mellow....and she would know! I told her I have a Georgia Bulldogs t-shirt at home, and I couldn't wait to tell Nonno about my new doctor...he bought me the t-shirt. I have two dogs of separation  from a legend!
Mum felt bad for me after my surprise check-up so we went to a park near by for a good walk. We love walking in the woods, and we met some other dogs, and saw some squirrels...they creep me out...Mum says Aunt Alana calls them "rats with tails" and I can understand why.
So after that morning I have been pretty tuckered. I better go that I have my boosters and my certificate I can go to camp at any time! I need to be prepared.

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