Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer! At last.

It's hot out there! "Basically it's hotter than a snake's ass in a wagon rut." That a Cronauer-ism ... But it's true.....Mum told me that one, she also said I should say Goooood Morning Interneeeeet. She seemed to think it was funny...but sometimes she's the only one who gets her jokes....or pop-culture references...which according to Papa means they weren't really very "pop". 
But really, its so hot she hosed me down before our walk so I wouldn't get too hot....and I am already dry. We would have stayed home but I really needed to wear off some energy. I was driving her nuts!....atleast  that's what she said.... I was only asking nicely: 

So, my Mum bought me a custom made collar, and it came all the way from California. It's really comfy and different from all the other dogs I've met. She ordered it way back in May and I even had to be measured for it, and it finally arrived yesterday. I feel pretty special and look how good I look in it.

Before I had a regular old collar and it wasn't very comfy so they only put it on me when we went out, the rest of the time I was naked. Mum thought it would be good it I had a collar I could wear all the time, so she searched and searched until she found the right one. It even came in it's own dust bag. And now I can follow Mum everywhere and she doesn't need to worry about putting my collar on.

Over the weekend I am hoping Mum will take me to the beach but it might be tough, I think our regular beach is closed because the water got so high the beach disappeared! We might have to find a new place. Mum and Papa are also going to check out a camp for me. They have to go away for a few days in the fall, so I am going to camp! Mum wanted to take me with her, but she was afraid they would lose me when she switches planes. We can't have that.

OK, well I have to go play with my ball in front of the cooling fans. Be back soon.

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