Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just call me Kevin

It's another beautiful sunny day in my little corner of the world... the second in a row! I am spending the afternoon napping on the patio soaking up the rays. I have really missed this.
I had a pretty great day yesterday too. I was HOME ALONE! I convinced Mum she doesn't need to barricade me in the kitchen when I am home alone!

View of my little creek from the bridge above.

I usually get to roam free in the house if the parental units are only going out for a short time, but it was the first time I got to spend the whole day.  I spent the work day comfortably resting in my bed, chewing my antler and watched three episodes of Dog Whisperer between naps.... those dogs have issues!.....Oh and I didn't get into any trouble! Not a single cushion out of place!

Let me go, I see something over there.

After dinner we went for a nice walk. The temperature was still 22C at 730pm! The warmest day this year. We brought my water bottle on our walk but I finished it off about two thirds of the way home. Thats when Mum decided we should take a slight detour. We stopped at a little creek that feeds into the Coquitlam river for a cool drink and a little swim.

How do you not see that?
The water here is so clean you can see every rock on the bottom. It was so refreshing! I hope our new house has a little creek near by!


  1. Love those creek pictures - looks so nice and refreshing! And staying home alone and roaming free - - very exciting day altogether!!

  2. You are THE MAN to stay away from those cushions while your parents are out of the house! I hope they gave you some treats when they returned!
    I love that you are a lover of the water! I've never seen a bulldog swim before! You look like a natural born swimmer!

  3. We remember when we used to get barricaded in our kitchen, Finn, and then we got trusted. It's a very good thing! Congratulations - you are on your way!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch